8/21 The Rejection of womanhood influences Total Wholeness

It seems that most males are far happier with their bodies – no matter what shape – than most women.  From childhood onwards, girls collect ‘Measuring Sticks’ from what others say about them, from the media, their peers, boyfriends, books and so on and on.  We tend to use these measuring sticks to see if we measure up to the perfection of being a female.

In this section, we can ask:  How can we apply His will when it comes to being comfortable with our body?  He wants us to bring the principles of His kingdom on Earth in this area too.

We have seen how our Creator’s plan was to recreate Himself in a physical dimension, with all the qualities and values that are Himself.  His integrity is shown in His creation and in the principles He planned for us to live by.  This is His nature and He is true to His principles. 

B.  Learning to live in the ‘Tent’ we’ve been given

The Shulamite’s Story from the Song of Solomon, 1:5-6  

  “She wasn’t born beautiful; nor was she ever expected to become one of the best loved women in the tents of King Solomon.  Her story begins as many girls and women at this time in history – until Solomon’s representatives arrived, looking for all the beautiful women in the land.

“Many other women in her village had worked beside their husbands and sons that year as it had been a long, hot summer.  For some reason, she had angered her brothers, (vr. 1:6).  Now she laboured with them and their servants in the hot sun.  Why they were angry at her, we are not told.  Perhaps she had refused their plans for her coming marriage with one of the local boys.  As the story unfolds, we do see she had become brown and tanned, as brown as the tents of Solomon, vr. 1:5.

“For a moment, she stopped as she heard voices carrying up the valley. That would mean guests for the afternoon meal.  As she expected, she was called back to help.  What she saw astonished her: It was the officials of King Solomon, with a magnificent caravan of camels and many servants.

The house was so busy preparing for the great company of men.  Everyone was excited as the officials were looking for the most beautiful women in all the land to join the harem of King Solomon.   It wasn’t long before our heroine caught the eye of one of the officials and she was chosen to come to Solomon’s tents.

 “At first she did not find the happiness she thought would be hers.  The other women made rude comments about her skin, about how dark and tanned she was.

 “This all changed however when it was her turn to come into the courts of King Solomon.  As she felt truly loved and cherished, her natural God-given inner beauty began to glow and bloom.  Soon she was honoured and loved more than all the others, even by all the other women of the harem, verse 8:10.”


From our story, we can learn how blooming and being the best we can possible be is tied up with being part of others – our friends, sisters, family but especially our husbands.  Only as we know we are really loved and cared for can He obtain the best bloom for His garden.

So then, what is ‘Beauty?   Ever wondered where the world’s drive for youth and beauty comes from?  Society and our culture influence our idea of beauty.  The media, cosmetic companies and the fashion world also influence our ideas of beauty.

We, as followers of Christ, need to take a long, hard look at what we consider beautiful and how this affects us, and our daughters, today.

C. God’s View – What is Beauty?

Beauty is in the inner person first! I Peter 3:3-4.  Discovering Father God as our first love shows outwardly too, Matthew 22:37.  The Outside Tent will reflect what is happening on the Inside.

We can see from Proverbs 31:30 that ‘Charm’ can be deceptive; it is different than beauty.  Beauty doesn’t last but a woman who trusts and reverences God will be greatly praised.

Part of the journey is to arriving at Old Age without ‘Excess Baggage’.  This is a God-given Blessing.  As we deal with what the Lord brings to our attention in conviction, we will not become a ‘bitter, twisted’ old man or women.  We can enter our later years with the peace and blessings from our growth as Jesus Followers!

D. However, this is different that the Enemy’s Plan.  His pathway leads to illness and disease  

Our Lifestyle Affects our Health.  It is important to learn to take care of ourselves and to value what He has given us.  Self-care and learning to live the best we can be in this world is important in the long run!

The Nervous and Hormonal System are affected by Stress.  If we live at constant levels of stress, our own system is influenced and begins to wear down.  There are many dangers in living in a chronic state of stress.  We Need to Learn the Biblical Ways of Dealing with Stress.

Put simply, the way we live our lives will greatly affect our health and energy levels, both now and for the future.  Unbiblical responses to old hurts, resentments, unforgiveness and anger can chip away at a healthy body until major consequences set it.  Father God has set out many important principles to cover such harmful and self destructive ways of living.

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