8/24 You have the Body you Inwardly want that influences Total Wholeness

“Hey!  That’s a very confronting statement, Susanne!  I don’t enjoy the body I have now and I don’t want the body I have now! ”

OK I can hear that cry throughout the blog – all our 1,400 recorded subscriptions!  … but think about it.  What is stopping you from having the best body for your age and state of health?  For most people it’s the willing to be willing to make the effort to get the body under control, to achieve the health, weight, lifestyle they really want.

Go back to our post on ‘Payoffs’ – 3/ 4  Payoffs – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=153 

Yes, that’s when we were talking about the will and helping the will to be motivated and willing to get the best our of your life.  We ended by saying “If you’re always doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got!”

 Think through and see what are the payoffs for you in living in the body you have right now.  Maybe it’s that TV and comfort food are more important than good health.  ….or possibly it’s not enough time to take care of your body the right way.  Maybe knowledge on how to live a better lifestyle.  What ever it is, think through what stops you from taking care of your Body so it will take care of you!  You only have one and someday ….. age will slip in and your health will be a big issue.

What are you willing to do about it – even if it is to accept yourself the way that you are more than you do?

Make a list of the good qualities about your body.  Add the qualities that are “OK”.  Determine to see more the good qualities rather than the ‘not so good’. 

The bottom line is who is judging you?  …. usually it is you!  Then how valid is your judgement of what is ‘good’ and ‘not so good’?  What measuring stick do you use to determine your idea body image?  – the women’s magazines, TV, the movies or other media?  Are there valid ways to judge yourself?  What mind set changes do you need to make?

Someone once said: “We wear the chains we form in life”

 Our lifelong habit patterns will manifest themselves in our old age.  Most people cringe and desperately want to avoid the ‘old age’ stereo-types: crippled with arthritis, inflexible, brittle with worry, filled with bitter regrets, blaming others for their problems.

The body is the physical arena where the spirit meets the rest of the Boardroom.  Our emotions are intertwined with our spirit, heart and mind. Thoughts and emotions have a great impact on our whole system, from the ligaments to the inner organs.  As a result they often combine to affect the physical body in psychosomatic diseases.

Perhaps it’s easy to see the outward signs of bitterness and regret in the aged, partly because many have had a lifetime of working such attitudes and angers into their heart.  As a result, their lifestyle has affected their physical body.  It is true “We wear the chains we form in life”.  Our body will reflect and manifest what we allow into our heart from our childhood onwards.

It is best to work on these habits now, rather than reap the results in our old age.  How do the chains of bondage start?  How do we forge the chains that would hold us prisoner?  We find them in our “Life Script”, faulty thinking and self talk patterns.

Think about these issues in your own life over the next week.  If it helps write some notes to yourself on how to change heart attitudes so your body can be freer in old age.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author






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