8/25 How does the body relate to the whole Boardroom?

Let’s take a moment and review what we have learned about the Body so far.  Our Body has God-given physical needs for:  exercise, air, water, food, shelter.  Whenever any of the God given needs are allowed to dominate the Boardroom or your personality, dysfunction results.  We can actually drink too much water and death to the Body results.

Your Body is the ‘canvas’ or battle ground for all the members of your personality.  The mind can use the Body by demanding concentration long pass what it healthy and burnout results.  The Conscience can apply strict legalistic rules, lots of rights and wrongs and the Body feel this influence.  The Heart and Emotions take their toll on the Body with anxiety, fears, or other uncontrolled emotions.  The Spirit, well mostly it has abdicated its role in the struggle but that’s part of the restoration process.

Then we did include some worksheets to see the current state of your Boardroom.  I trust you completed some of these worksheets and determined to help yourself to a better lifestyle.

One recent example was ‘Michael’ who was shocked to discover that his Heart would love a huge mound of chocolate.  We discussed where this desire had come from – seeing his parents eat chocolate when he and his siblings were considered ‘too young’ for company.  As anyone could tell you, eating a mound of chocolate would not be good for your health!  He had to face the Heart issues before he was free of the ‘lust for chocolate’.

Another example was with ‘Pete’ whose addiction to Pepsi could send his sons to the hospital if they dared touch his private frig full of the drink.  His addiction had to come under the discipline of the Lord in order to rebuild relationships with his family and others.  So the Body does need some discipline.

Therefore, the answer is to help the body learn to surrender to healthily values and to the Lordship of Jesus.  It’s not about striving, or beating yourself up such as going on a diet to stop eating chocolate or Pepsi.  Why?  As we discussed about the Heart – the desire for chocolate is in your heart and your body wants chocolate to keep its pleasure.  For some, often it’s a way to hide deeper pain.

So, we have to come to a decision time with our Body: Unrestrained or surrendered?   …. Lost in indulgence and addictions – or finding a healthy balance?

You are in charge of your Boardroom, the 7 parts of your personality.  Have you taken responsibility for yourself, to live the best life possible for every member of your personality?  It’s all too easy just to drift by and not reach for the best way of life.  Continue with us into our next post where we see to restore the Body you live in …… back to the way the Creator designed you to be.  This is the essence of Total Wholeness.

We trust you have enjoyed this brief look at the importance of the Body in the Boardroom, your personality.  It’s the canvas of the Boardroom’s issues!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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