8/26 Helping the Body find its Place in Total Wholeness

In our past posts, we have suggested that the physical Body is greatly influenced by all the other member of your personality.  Your Boardroom finds its outlet in the Body.  Then, it is important to help your Body be the best it can be by understanding these influences.  However, sometimes it seems there are so many pressures on the Body, it is hard to find the mast healthy balance.

We have even added a few book suggestions:

 Since we were created to live in this physical shell we call the Body, perhaps it would help us see how our loving Creator meant for us to live in our physical tent.  How can we help our Body find its way to the best possible form if we don’t include info from our Creator?

First we must really, really believe that our Body is important and was designed by a loving Creator.  Often, when we get in touch with this truth, the Body has a new view of itself as well.  We couldn’t live on the Earth without it! We must avoid excesses because, left to its own ways of living, the body thinks it will live forever!  We must learn to care for the body properly.  It is the ONLY vessel we have to cart us around!

We carry a ‘Book of Remembrance’ inside of us.  This is what you have experienced, what has been recorded in/on your own body, your own glands, your own consciousness.  Every thought and experience of your mother during her pregnancy is still with you, recorded in the cells and glands of your body.  Every experience since then – both positive and less positive – is also recorded in your mind and body.  Learn to work with these messages, raise them to the level of heart awareness and either keep the recording or throw it away.  Find the healthy release you need to live life to the fullest.

As with all the other 6 members of your Boardroom – your personality – there must be God-given limits.  When we become overbalance and out of control on any area, we are in trouble.  If we are addicted, driven or involved in one area, our health can be affected.  We must see our true motives, wants and yearnings as a Heart issue.  Beating up your body will not solve the issues!  Some of these needs are Godly, while other wants are not.  We have the choice of which needs we choose to yield to.  Do we just discipline the body?  Or do we strive to find a balance between austerity and indulgence?

The Bible talks about “Yielding to the flesh”. if we blinding follow the body’s cravings.   Often this is an internal issue for the Boardroom to resolve.  Like the other members of your personality, the Body has to learn to turn its issues over to the spirit and the Holy Spirit.

For others, there may be a pattern of avoidance or even compliance by the Boardroom.  If we have practiced ignoring the body’s messages about its aches and pains, we may have lost touch with the health issues we need to address.

….or, perhaps we may be expecting too much from the body.  If we are overworking it, overfeeding it or not exercising it enough, it will become dysfunctional.  We will face the consequences of these abuses in the future if we do not look at them now.  We need to listen to the body’s aches and pains as messages of what’s going on in the Boardroom.

At one point in my own journey, I suffered from bad migraines.  In trying to see how the Lord Jesus saw the situation, I realised He was teaching me what I was doing to myself that caused the migraines.  Over a space of two weeks, I ran across articles, TV shows and other people’s comments on the causes of such painful headaches.  You probably could add to my list: too much sunlight, not eating on time, some wines, some cheeses, stress, striving to be perfect, too much chocolate …. And the list goes on.  The point being, I was doing much of this to my own Body!  As I changed my lifestyle and dealt with my stress

Part of what the Lord Jesus wants is to get the Body and the whole Boardroom to focus on Him as the Answer to All the issues .  Under His guidance, He wants to help the body take on proper “accountability”.  Whose rules, rule?  It’s true that other people can’t give you what you won’t give yourself.  We have to make time for ‘self care’ and practice ‘Boardroom love checks’. 

What do we have to do to get time with the Lord?  What rules does our heart live by?  Do we deny our own needs – to “serve the Lord”?  Is this our means of covering up the pain on the inside?  Remember Jesus  “… went away by Himself ….” often.  There may be a gap between how we want to live our lives and what we really do.

It always helps to start at the place where you are now.  What is the condition the body is in right now?  Remember the worksheets you finished (hopefully) in our previous posts?  What messages is it – or has it sent to you recently?

Begin with a stringent self examination of how you treat your body.  Remember there is no condemnation for us in Christ – because we are willing to work on the issues and He is willing to help us find the way.  Look for the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Agree with the Lord, talk it through with Him and determine to change your body’s habit patterns.

We must learn to love and discipline the body with our Human spirit and Holy Spirit’s guidance for the good of the whole personality, your Boardroom.  We must learn new habit patterns.  We must submit to God’s command (unlike Adam) to guide, guard and govern our Garden – our Body – properly.

Here is another Worksheet that might help in exploring where your Body is in relationship to your whole personality.  It helps if you can get a picture of your Boardroom.  Some people see things in picture form, while others use words to help them understand.

Visit your own Boardroom, making sure your spirit, your body and the Lord Jesus are present.  Ask the Lord the following questions:

1. “Lord Jesus, what condition is my body in at this present time?”

2. “Jesus, how much does the BR accept my physical body?  Which parts do they not accept and would like to change?  What do you want me to do about this?” If it helps, draw this chart onto a page and write down Jesus’ answers.

Has the BR accepted the body?

Areas the BR has trouble accepting:

Jesus, what do you want me to do about this?





3.  Spend a few minutes listening to your body’s present messages to you.  Find an area of tightness.  Talk through the reasons why this is so with your Boardroom and record the conversation.  Make sure the Lord and your spirit are involved.

I know personally how important it is to work with your Body’s messages in order to live a healthier life.  In fact, that’s what Total Wholeness is all about!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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