8/5 We need to learn to Listen to our Body for Total Wholeness

As we continue looking at the place of the Body in our personal total Wholeness, we can see every part of your personality – Heart, Mind, Will, Emotions, Spirit and Conscience – all have an influence on the Body.  Your whole Boardroom system affects the Body!  It’s like the Body is the Battleground for all the other parts to play out their pleasures and pain. 

The Body is greatly influenced by whatever else is going on with the other members of the inner system.  All the emotional input affects the Body.  The stresses of the Conscience pull and twist at the very fabric of this complex creation.  The Heart with its wounds and desires push and pull the Body’s directions.  If the Will is crippled, the Body will show it.

You are your body’s only PROTECTION and source of help!  Determine to be aware and to take responsibility for bringing the help that your body needs to be healthy and last longer.  Our body is constantly talking to us. However, most of us have trouble listening to the body’s messages about how it is feeling.  What are some of the messages it might be sending to you right now?  What are you hearing and smelling?  What about tasting or seeing?  What about the comfort of your body right now – hot, cold, tired, stressed or … ?

Become aware of your Body’s Messages

Just like your Heart, your Body is talking to you all the time.  If we have practiced ignoring the body’s messages about its aches and pains, we may have lost touch with the health issues we need to address.  Pain is a message that something is wrong.  Much dysfunction of the physical body would be avoided if we learned to listen to the message our Body is sending us all the time.

In fact, medical surveys show us that up to 70 or 80% of doctor’s visits are related to the mental emotional health of the patient.  This is what we mean when we use the word psycho-somatic.

When I was teaching High School, I would often get migraine headaches.  In fact, I got to the point where I would take meds the night before … just in case I had a migraine the next day.  Something had to be done about my self-destructive way of life!  I tried to practice what I was suggesting to others – Ask Jesus!  He had often just healed the headaches but now He was saying, “Let’s do something about the cause not just treat the symptoms.”

Over the course of the next two weeks, it seemed like every time I turned around, people or the papers were talking about migraines.  By the end of these 2 weeks I had a list of about 12 things that caused migraines … and guess what, I had most of those in my life. You could probably list some as well?

* Not eating on time,  * Too much chocolate, * Some cheeses,

* Late nights,                * Stress over work,        * Loud noise, bright lights

* Not drinking enough water,  * Too much bright sunlight,  * Neck tension,

* Concentrating in poor light,   * Wrong diet,   * Too much computer work,

* Marking papers in poor light,       * Some cheeses,      * some kinds of wine

Everything on my list could be handled better, cured and prevented!  Instead of reaching for my meds, I started loving my Body enough to take care of it and you guessed it, the migraines became less and less!  After I began to correct my lifestyle, I found the intensity and amount of migraines began to change as well.  Today, I have few migraines and have learned to correct the cause not just treat the symptoms.

For some, there may be a pattern of avoidance or even denial in our thinking.  If we have practiced ignoring the body’s messages about its aches and pains, we may have lost touch with the health issues we need to address.  Learn to see the cause and effect.

Remember, dis-ease is caused by friction within the BR.  Learn to hear the message from your body.  Begin to consciously associate the emotion or body message of pain with some part of the ‘spiritual BR’. Your body is connected with physical illnesses.  Messages from our body tend to get more and more urgent until something stops or breaks.  The body has no sense of humour, but lots of enduring patience – until it wears out.

Give your body permission to help you find answers for the BR. 

We need to listen to the body’s aches and pains as messengers of what’s going on in the BR.  Learn to hear the messages as urgent – rather than just paying attention to the symptoms.  The sensations we experience through our body are meant to make us aware of what is happening in our inner world.  Our mind can be so busy with worries, schedules and concerns.  It is easy for our mind to get lost in what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  Many times, there is a chasm between what we are thinking and how our body is reacting to life.

That’s when our body-awareness and breathing can help us to focus on what we are experiencing in the moment. When we take the time to focus, we can become aware of those places where we are “holding onto things”.

We can recognize those places where we are tight, sore or uncomfortable.  It may be our stomach, shoulders, neck or head.  We may not even be aware that we were uncomfortable until we stop and pay attention

What do we do with our awareness?

Stay with them!  Sadly, we have learned to ignore, deny or get distracted from the body’s messages, sometimes out of fear of ‘bad things’ happening.  Allow yourself to be curious about what is happening.  Explore and honour what comes up, even if you are only able to do this as a minute by minute event.  Otherwise we may just condemn ourselves to repeating the same old patterns without resolving anything.

Our Body is designed to help keep us in health, if we learn better ways of see where the problems are.  Join us in our next post as we continue to wee haw important it is to be more in tune with our precious Body.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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