8/8 Where Does Body Image Come From?

The first step to a healthy body is to understand our attitudes to our Body. These ways of seeing our Body are often learned from early role models such as parents, peers, and for the current generation, in particular, media influence. We can see this pressure to be beautiful by the unprecedented numbers of people seeking cosmetic surgery to correct that which they dislike about their bodies.

Since our role models are usually imperfect our attitudes to our bodies can be based on false ideas, half-truths and sometimes even outright lies. As a result many of us grow up with distorted body images that can cause problems throughout life, and it’s not only women who suffer in this way.  Self-talk book?

Your personally inner system is a place where we can have faulty attitudes to our bodies exposed and replaced with our Creator’s truth.  He has given us an amazing piece of engineering in which to live! He longs for us to see ourselves as He sees us, and begin to treat our Body like we believe we are “….fearfully and wonderfully made”, a creation of a tender and loving God.

Our attitudes about our body have a great impact!

The Mind acts as a switchboard coordinator.  It forwards an amazing amount of impulses from all over the body and impulses from members of the BR.  Every thought and feeling has an instant effect on some part of the body; every cell and gland. 

The body is the ‘proving ground’, that part of us that mirrors the inner pain and dis-harmony.  The body is the battleground where the conflicts between the members are acted out.  Friction happens – thus dis-ease results.  In fact, some doctors report that up to 70% of physical problems are emotionally based.

Our body’s condition depends on how important we think our body is and on how well the BR has met its needs inbody1 the past.  The body is greatly influenced by whatever else is going on with the other members of the BR.  We need to examine our attitudes toward our body, learn to recognise the messages it’s sending us and be responsible for the care we give it.

Any wrong thinking boomerangs back on your body’s internal affairs.  We either express the impulse outwardly or it gets buried within us.  Wrong thinking and painful emotions misdirect the cells while right thinking brings health.

Our lifelong habit patterns will show themselves in our old age.  Most people cringe and desperately want to avoid the ‘old age’ stereo-types: crippled with arthritis, inflexible, brittle with worry, filled with bitter regrets, blaming others for their problems.

Perhaps it’s easier to see the outward signs of bitterness and regret in the aged, partly because of the lifetime of working such attitudes and angers into their heart.  As a result, their lifestyle has affected their physical body.  Our body will reflect and manifest what we allow into our heart.  This is true: “We wear the chains we form in life.” 

“If the first reaction of a child to an experience in his/her world is unpleasant, there is a tendency to weave a pattern of dis-ease concerning the experience.  These thoughts ‘settle’ on the parts of the body that are symbolic of that emotional thought.  That first impression is a thousand times more indelible on his/her ego structure than any that come later, thus they are harder to erase.”

The medical model usually tries to fix the ailing part of the body by cutting it out, with drugs or by replacing the faulty part.  However, if the lifestyle, the Heart or thinking patterns are not changed, dis-ease will result in some other part of the Body again. 

The Body is the physical arena where the spirit meets the rest of the BR.  Our emotions are intertwined with our spirit, heart and mind. Thoughts and emotions have a great impact on our whole system, from the ligaments to the inner organs.  As a result they often combine to affect the physical body in psychosomatic diseases.

Your body reflects what your heart/soul and mind has believed.  All ailments are cause by an imbalance in the chemicals of the body.  Health can also be thrown off balance by diet, medications, emotions and traumatic experiences.

Remember, Our body is constantly talking to us, trying to help us live the best live we can.  We can learn to work in harmony with this very valuable part of our inner system!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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