9/1 The Leader Towards Total Wholeness – the Lord Jesus Christ

So who is meant to be ‘in charge’ in the journey toward Total Wholeness?  Who is really designed by the Creator to govern and guide this mess we often find when we start this journey into your Personality’s Boardroom?  This is the Ninth post we have presented to you the reader on your journey to Total Wholeness. 

By now you have met the players in the Boardroom or your personality.  We have given you an overview of the Mind, the Will, the Conscience, the Heart, Emotions and the body.  As you can see, your inner world is far more complicated and inter-woven then you might have suspected.

To bring change to the ‘Old Boardroom’ we need an outside Source that can see each member as the valuable contributor they were created to be.  That is only one Source: our loving Creator God.

It seems to be the current fashion to attribute our growth as humans to either Science, evolution or just advancement of the New Age.  However, if left to our own ways, humans can be the most degenerate and depraved….or the most creative and generous creatures ever made by God.

For the presentation of our Boardroom concept, we need that outside Source to guide us toward this Total Wholeness we have pictured.  Only our Creator knows how we are meant to operate as Humans.  Therefore, we shall present the Eight Person in the BR as the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This is especially important for those of us who are Jesus Followers.  We know that only the Lord has a clear picture of our potential – both for males and females.    His voice rises above all other religions as The Way back to Father God.  His presence through the Holy Spirit is the true measuring stick for our progress.  So His presence in the BR is essential.

However, how much impact He has or in which direction your BR heads is different from person to person.  That is part of the challenge for our total health = to allow Him to be Lord in the Boardroom!  Remember He is Lord and some day, He will return that way with all His majesty and authority.  Right now He is allowing us to allow Him to be Lord in our lives.  How’s that going for you?


If we could hear His voice above the clatter of our modern world or the noise of the members inside the BR, this would be His comments:

 “I know the plans I have for you; plans to give you a future and a hope beyond the present suffering and pain of today.  I want to be involved in your world; that’s why I become flesh and was born as that helpless baby those 2,000 years ago. 

“I know the challenges, the struggles that each person faced today, tomorrow and into the future.  There is nothing hidden from Me.  I know the heart’s deepest secrets, the mind closest kept plans, the failing of the Will and the true state of the emotions.  I so want to help….if only you would let Me in and let Me help.

“I stand at your heart’s door and knock.  I have answers you really, really need.  Will you let Me work with you and help you find that Total Wholeness I planned for you?”


If you haven’t really found this Jesus that I have talked about, please don’t stop reading this blog.  Come on the journey with us and meet the other BR members for yourself.  See if you find truth and answers for your own inner growth.  I promise you it will not be a waste of time.

So please come back for our next Total Wholeness post when we discuss our next category: What resources can you gain from this Blog?  What practical worksheets and personal growth info can you gain also?  We plane on a practical case study to show you how the BR really functions in the issues you might be living through.

So please do join us in our next post when we introduce our case study and practical worksheets for this adventure called ‘life’,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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