9/14 Where do we go from here in our Boardroom?

So how can you use this tool of the Boardroom to your best advantage?  Good question.  Review your own BR areas to work on. Draw this chart onto your own paper and work with the BR members.

Which Member of the BR?

Jesus, what are the good points of this Member?

Jesus, what do You want to change?

  1. My Heart:


  1. My Mind:


  1. My Spirit:


  1. My Emotions:


  1. My Conscience:


  1. My Will:


  1. My Body:


 Then leave a bigger space for your summary of the Creator’s place in lour personality, in your spirit2Boardroom!

Anything else He wants to say to you?

This is the last of our sessions in the Boardroom. Before we leave our BRs however, we need to have some INTEGRATION. If we have time tonight, assure each BR member of your appreciation and respect. Also bring them into UNITY under the Holy Spirit’s direction. Commit to your BR that you’ll continue to support them and allow healing for the broken members, with the Holy Spirit’s help.

Comeback from time to time as we will add other posts along the same line as these.  Then keep your eyes open for the eBook on The Boardroom!  Great idea, Susanne!

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