9/2 The Main issue in the Boardroom for Total Wholeness

The main challenge for the unity of the Boardroom or for total wholeness in your personality is who is in control? Whose rules Rule?

So many people claim to be Christians, even go to church and serve in whatever ‘box’ they call their church. However, what kind of life do we live outside that box, from Monday to Saturday? No, God hasn’t called us to perfection outside of His grace but where is the unity and oneness of the Body of Christ? Then, we have to stop and know that He is building His church, His bride.

As we continue with this very importance Presence in your Boardroom, in your personality, we need to face some hard questions …. beyond that ‘Sunday Christian’ image. So how do we unify our outer world without unifying our inner world?
The best way is to recognise and encourage the rightful and true guides of the Boardroom – the Holy Spirit and your human spirit. Only your spirit and the Holy Spirit have the right discipline and gentle touch for this job.

Remember we presented a post on knowing the Lord Jesus Christ by the 3 parts to His name?

1. Christ – This is the bridge between God’s perfect design and this fallen, blinded human race. The Christ part of His name is the Messiah, the One promised way back in Genesis! It is through Him that we have redeemed.
2. Jesus – He is the Friend closer than a brother, the one who walks and talks with us through the Holy Spirit. He sits at the right hand of the Father, prays for us and is constantly aware of the events of our world.
3. Lord – In olden times, to be a lord was to have total control over other’s possessions, lands and even their lives! A lord had total control and could use his force to get what he wanted. One day, Jesus will come back as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Until then, He allows our free will … to allow Him to be the Lord of our life!
It is possible for people to just know Him as the Christ, their Saviour. Others just want the Jesus part of His nature. It’s safe with the ‘meek and mild’ picture they have of Him. However, for growth and a balance in our overcoming, we need all three parts.
So the real challenge in the Boardroom, our personality? Will we let Him be Lord? Will we submit to His guidance and His will in all things …. or just the easy things when the events of life are going our way? He must be Lord of all or else He isn’t Lord in your life.
I know this is a big challenge, especially after the 6 months I have just had …. But I know that He is love and He is for us and not against us.
Certainly this opens the door of how much your Heart trusts His judgements and love for you. Why do bad things happen to good people? Your Heart will cry out! Does your Mind respect Him and your Spirit chose to follow Him. All good questions but that is at the centre of the unity and wholeness in your Boardroom.
I know someday, we will understand why He has allowed and chosen to handle the events in your own life. That’s why it is called faith, trust that His character will not allow Him to do anything but good in the long run for you.
In our coming post, we shall summarise each of the parts of your personality.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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