9/4 So how does the Boardroom change in Total Wholeness?

Today we want to summarise the information we’ve presented about the BR.  In our time together we have looked at each of the different Boardroom members and how they function under the “Old Nature”.  Win this post, we discuss how these members of your personality change when the Holy Spirit becomes real in your life.  This is the process that happens under the Lordship of Jesus. 

So we now present a Review of The Boardroom members and how they change under the influence of the Holy Spirit and your spirit in control. 

Let’s begin with the Boardroom Setting:  The Old Nature is the dominant force in the BR, with its self-centred wants and desires.  It is alienated from God and has its own laws.  Most BR members submit to the most dominant member, each blaming the other, “doing what they feel is right in their own eyes.”  Little awareness of God exists, His rules and laws are broken, rebellion and disobedience rule.

With the touch of the Holy Spirit: The Boardroom Setting – When Jesus touches the BR, a whole new order begins.  It doesn’t happen all at once, as most of the journey is gradual.  A new respect for each BR member begins, when every member learns what he or she was created for.  The BR can then choose to yield to Jesus’ directions.  If the members chose to submit, a new authority structure is established with the spirit and the Holy Spirit guiding the BR.

1. The Heart before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “You’re not listening to me!  I’m tired of keeping on with all this pain in here.  You should see how full all my rooms are!  I’ve got a mountain of stored feelings, even from before my birth.  I’ve even got that first affair in here.  Wow!  Was that a shocker or what!  I’m still hurting after all these years.  I’ve hidden a lot from the BR because you haven’t been willing to listen. 

“So now, I’ve built this wall around me so nothing can hurt me.  I’ve also had to get ‘stony’ to try to stop some of the pain.  Maybe I can fill some more rooms with that delicious fantasy I saw on TV last night.  Some of these things I’ve tucked away in my rooms come out and haunt me though.  There is another presence in these rooms that I don’t like.  I wonder what it is??”

1. The Heart with the touch of the Holy Spirit: “Wow!  What was it that touched me?  My concrete walls have begun to crumble and my rooms are getting lighter and lighter.  I’ve begun to dump a lot of that pain I’ve stored away.  Some One understands me at last!  I’m really beginning to feel loved and special.  What was that called again?  Oh, ‘repentance’. 

“Yes, I’ve been too crusty, trying to keep everyone out and really doing my own thing.  So this is Jesus!  I’ve worked so hard to be in control, but it’s not so bad – now that I know what Love really is.  How good it is to change and become soft again.  Right now Jesus is dealing with all those unreal expectations I’ve kept hidden away.  And the enemy’s nests and strongholds are disappearing!  Father God has such a gentle way of putting bandages on all my wounds.  I’m sold on Jesus now!”

2. The Mind before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “Yep, that’s me – another voice is here too – but hey, I’m in control!  I’m Captain of the World!  I’m working overtime, trying to bring order here.  Sometimes I struggle with over-whelming waves and cycles that screw up my mental energy for hours and hours.  All these logical, memory roads I have to go down to find solutions … to handle everyone … but they won’t always listen to me.

If I could just cut off those emotions and bury them somewhere…. maybe I can put them under another layer of mind control.  I’ve tried being reasonable with that body – maybe more discipline would work?  Right now, the heart and the conscience are struggling with the will to put the body on a diet.  I must say, the body does always seem to get a raw deal but there’s this image of ‘slim’ I’ve seen somewhere that I want to keep, so…..”

2. The Mind with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “I’m learning that I function like those new contraptions – the computer.  ‘Garbage in, garbage out’.  My programming has been all wrong!  I need to change my preconceptions!  My very greatest lesson?  … that I am very valuable as a tool for the spirit!  I don’t need to control now.  I too can rest in His love and not need to figure everything out to the finest detail.  My memory of all those traumas of the past can be healed.

Then there’s ‘walking in the spirit’.  I’m needed here too as the spirit can get some funny ideas.  I can sieve and compare what the BR is doing with the Word and help them to obey Him.  I am important and valuable – I don’t need to try to convince anyone of that.  However, Jesus rules now, I don’t.  Guess I’ll read the Word, or praise Jesus.  I just want to know this amazing God we’ve found!”

3. The Human Spirit before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “Who me?  I don’t want to even get involved with this mess.  It’s dark in the BR and that lot has crushed me!  I’m off on my own path now, pretending the mess in the BR isn’t happening.  I’m letting them all go off on their merry way.  I’d rather go shopping, or to my beach house, or to read about Bobby Zake, my latest music star.  Or maybe I’ll spend some of the mind’s mental energy on my latest spirit guide’s adventures.  Then there’s always Yoga Vetta or ……”

3. The Human Spirit with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “I guess I’ve been asleep, or just away with the ‘fairies’.  So it was partly my fault all along.  I do repent and yield to You now, Jesus.  I choose to take up my rightful place beside You, to rule this BR with love and grace.  No more avoidance.  I agree that I abdicated my authority and allowed such a mess.  My worship must now be to You, Jesus.  I choose to find and follow Your truth, for You are Truth!  I will now deal with that enemy who snuck in and made all those “cobwebs”.  Let’s go get him, Jesus!”

4. The Emotions before the Holy Spirit touches it “Yes, I’ve tried to get everyone’s attention!  I’ve been feeling a lot of anger, bitterness and frustration, being unloved and unwanted.  Being squashed and buried is the most common feeling for me.  The mind has used pills and more pills to keep me from taking over.  I’m afraid that if I begin to leak, I will lose control.  Maybe I’m over-reacting, but I’m sure they are after me.  Here comes the will, so I guess I’ll just go into some more depression ….. sigh… sigh….”

 4. The Emotions with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “So this is what they mean by peace!  I’m all excited too but I can see it’s different now.  We’ve been meeting with the BR members in a very different way.  Yes, there are still a lot of us emotions here but we’re learning to identify and express ourselves in a better, healthier way.  We’ve even found some emotions we didn’t know we had.  It’s great to be messengers for the healed heart now, like we were created to be.  We’re looking forward to the spirit’s joy and …. is patience next?”

5. The Conscience before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “Why does the will think it’s the only one pulling everyone into line?  I’ve got my job and my orders too.  You should see my huge list of all the commandments and laws that I try to get everyone to keep.  There are all those rules from Mum about eating, from Dad about keeping his tools in place.  Then my teachers – going on and on about “Stranger Danger!”.  The teen years – wow, I collected so much stuff.  I know I failed and let the body smoke.  I’m busy working overtime to convince everyone of what they are doing wrong.  I wish I could rest too but this outside voice keeps making me feel judged and condemned……”

5. The Conscience with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “So this is my function, now I see.  It was ok to convince every one of their wrongs, but I was to work with the spirit and the Holy Spirit, not on my own.  When I listened to Jesus, He brought conviction – not condemnation!  In fact it looks like I’m suppose to work myself out of a job!  As the BR learns to ‘walk by the Spirit’, they won’t need to hear my voice so much.  Then my message can be transformed into character!  I can let go of all those old rules and laws too.  God has written His rules on the Heart now, so I can really rest.  Now I just let the BR know when they aren’t following Jesus – not Mum’s rules, or Dad’s laws or …or ….!!”

6. The Will before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “Why blame me?  I’m just following orders!  Some of these orders come from the heart – which, by the way, is still in reaction, is still broken and oh, so hard.  I’ve tried to protect it.  I’ve even help build that wall so it won’t get hurt anymore.  Fat lot of good that did!  It invites hurt!  How can I sort out this mess?  It’s not my job!  I’d love to be free of all this responsibility.  But I’ve got to …, I must … keep going, ….keep on!”

6. The Will with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “Now this is a change for me too!  I’m no longer hooked into that hard, broken heart.  I can choose to follow Jesus.  I don’t have to be dominating, pushing and forcing others to do what they need to do.  I can yield to Jesus’ will and all the other BR members will follow too.  So I am an important too!  “I will to do His will.” – at least I am willing to be willing most of the time.  I can better deal with the enemy’s influence.  I now can choose ….”

7. The Body before the Holy Spirit touches it:  “A raw deal!  You don’t know the half of it!  Hour after hour, the emotions come and dump all their stress on me.  Fear, panic, anger, bitterness get to me.  Lately the stomach has been complaining too.  Yes, the heart and the  conscience are using the will’s power to fight me again.  It’s only going to destroy my muscle cells with this crazy notion of being “slim”. 

“ll have to dismantle some of my fat storerooms that I’ve been saving, to protect me from the next trauma the BR subjects us to.  You know what I’d like right now?  A great big piece of chocolate crunch, or maybe some of those biscuits I’ve seen the heart hide away . or maybe ice cream or ….”

7. The Body with the touch of the Holy Spirit:  “Talk about getting rid of traumas!  I didn’t know the half of it!  That’s what some of those aches and pains were all about.  And you know what?  I’m valuable too.  In fact, God’s Holy Spirit lives in me!  I can now rest and do my job like I was created to.  I hope I’ll be better taken care of now – no more excesses, unless the BR gets hooked into that religious overwork stuff.… and the best part?  Someday I’ll be made new, perfect and pure – just like Jesus.  All the effects of sin and rebellion will be wiped away.  I’ll be like Father God created me to be – no more pollution, chemicals, too much sugar or fat.  Let’s get on with the way He wants me to be treated now….”

Think back to your own Boardroom, your personality and its seen parts.  Where are you in your journey into Total Wholeness in surrendering your life to Him?  There is where the peace and wholeness really can be found. 

I trust this review and addition of the changes make by the Holy Spirit help guide you into a better knowledge your loving Creator!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author




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