A Self Evaluation for you to think about for Total Wholeness

We have present some new ideas and probably some insights you have already considered.  Here are 17 questions for you to think through as a way of seeing yourself as you were created to be.  Go through the following questions and rate your answer on a 1 to 5 scale.  1 = I know nothing about this issue to 5 = I understand and have dealt with this issue fully.

_______ 1. Are you familiar with the pathways the enemy takes to affect your health and energy levels?

_______ 2. Do you know the female sexuality God wants you to enjoy?

_______ 3. Do you find pleasure in living in your female body as God intended you to have?

_______ 4. Do you know the parts of you reproductive organs by name- and chose to respect this part of your body as God has designed?

_______ 5. Do you understand how these female parts work together?

_______ 6. Are you walking by His concepts of inner beauty and self acceptance?

_______ 7. Do you realise and deal with the areas of ‘false soul comforts’ you use in your own live?

_______ 8. Have you worked through and broken ‘the curse’ in your own life, over your reproductive cycle?

_______ 9. Do you have God’s picture of what feminine is?

_______ 10. Do you understand His creation of femaleness?

_______ 11. Do you understand the influences of the ‘curse’ on your own anatomy?

_______ 12. Are you in touch with the hurting parts of your body?

_______ 13. Do you accept and understand your own sexuality as God intended it to be?

_______ 14. Does your spirit or your bodily appetites rule when a second helping of dessert is offered?

_______ 15. Have you dealt with the issues which stop you from being the woman God has called you to be?

_______ 16. Have you faced your improper, unbiblical responses to old hurts and worked them through in Godly ways – or buried them to become health problems later in life?

_______ 17. Are you allowing the fruits of the spirit to grow, to help you learn to control the wayward bodily desires?

Comments to yourself?


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