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Hello again!  We wanted to make a Page to list all the Posts, YouTube Videos, Guest Posts, Sunday Cuppa’s and Personal Worksheets for you to find!  So here they are!


This brings us to the end of our Blog series on the Boardroom, our personality!  We trust you have learned what you need to do to bring your whole system under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit and your spirit to enter into more peace and harmony then you have ever know before.

Remember you can contact me at    susanneatmentorsnotebook.com   if you have any questions or Susan1comments!  I welcome your comments on any of the blog posts as well!  God Bless all our readers!  Susanne Fengler

The following are a list of all the posts on this blog!

Book: Total Wholeness Presents ‘The Bate of Satan’ – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=959

9/5 Guest Post: How to Use the Board Room – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=922

The Lord’s Place in the Boardroom

The Body, then the Lord’s Place! Prayer for body!  http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=878

9/4 So how does the Boardroom change in Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=908

Book: Total Wholeness recommends ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=897

9/2 The Main issue in the Boardroom for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=892

9/1 Total Wholeness presents the Final Member of the Boardroom – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=881

Understanding and Living in your Body

Total Wholeness Presents two Prayers for your Body – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=878

A Self Evaluation for you to think about – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=917

8/28 What do you think about your Body? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=746

8/27 Restoring Our Body Back To the Lord for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=874

8/26 Helping the Body find its Place in Total Wholeness http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=868

8/25   How does the body relate to the whole Boardroom? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=866

8/24 You have the Body you Inwardly want that influences Total Wholeness – br bodyhttp://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=860

8/23  Understanding the differences in the sexes for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=852

8/22 Being Comfortable with my Body for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=915

8/21 The Rejection of womanhood influences Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=913

8/20 The Issue of Porn and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=836

8/19 Sexual Intimacy and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=832

8/18 What about the Body and Sex for total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=829

8/17 Your Home: Your Body and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=826

Book:  8/16 Facing the Battle of the Bludge for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=819

8/15 Exercise #5: My Eating Patterns – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=811

8/14 Hearing your Body Messages for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=808

8/13 The Benefits of Laughter for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=802

Book: 8/12 The Effects of Emotions on the Body – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=782

8/11 The Roots of Emotional Illness that Influence Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=780


8/10 My Body and I are Friends  – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=778

8/9 In Search of the Body Perfect – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=776

8/8 Where Does Body Image Come From? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=771

Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – our new Series! – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=767

8/6 Observing your Red and Yellow lines for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=756toomuch2

8/5 We need to learn to Listen to our Body for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=754

8/4 The Choice  we are given for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=750

8/3 What the Body was Designed to be for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=748

8/1 Our Physical Body and the impact on Total Wholeness = http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=743

Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – our new Series! – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=767

Healing the Heart:

7/24 Total Health and the Downhill slide – Stress, Anxiety and Depression – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=734

7/23 Sunday Cuppa – new series on Christian Foundations – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=727

7/22 Forgiveness from the Heart for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=708

7/21 The 3 powerful Enemies of the Heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=706body1

7/20 Three common heart lies that Block Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=704

7/19 A Quick review for Total Wholeness and our Heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=701

7/18 How do we guard our Heart to Keep out the Rubbish for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=699

7/17 We keep our ‘Idols’ hidden in our Heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=697

7/16 Total Wholeness means dealing with biased Judgements – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=693

7/15 How do we Surrender our Hearts for Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=691

7/14 Jesus isn’t after a ‘Sin-based Theology’ for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=689

7/13 Learning to Talk to your Heart for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=686

Total Wholeness Blog looks at Improving your bad Hair Day! – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog

An Example of using the Boardroom for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=657

Total Wholeness looks at Gratitude for better Relationships – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=647

7/12 How to Heal the Heart to gain Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=639

7/11 Heart Beliefs and God’s Truth – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=637

7/11 The Healing Process of Heart Change – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=635heart-broken

7/10 10 ways to see what is in your heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=632

7/9 With God’s help we can Explore our Heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=628

7/8 Our Personal Filters – Our Personal Heart Sunglasses Influence our Beliefs – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=619

7/7  What is Stored in our Hearts that prevents Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=615

7/6 Some Bible Verses about the Heart – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=613

7/5  So what the condition of my Heart now on the journey to Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=607

7/4  What are the Heart Conditions that influence Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=603

7/3  So how does the Heart apply to Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=599

7/2 Intro to Healing the Heart for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=463 new



 Introducing Healthy Emotions

6/23  A Prayer for your Emotions for Total Wholeness http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=542

6/25 Summary for the Total Wholeness and our Emotions – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=586

6/26 Review – The Emotional Storms and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=584

Sunday Cuppa – 23 Psalm – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=576

6/25 The Roots of Emotional Mental Illness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=570

6/24  Healthy Emotions for Total Wholeness as a ‘Jesus Follower’ – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=540

6/23  A Prayer for your Emotions for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=542

6/22  The Half-Truths my Heart still Believes – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=520

6/21  Inner Healing for total Wholeness: Part 1 – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=531

6/20  The Pathway to Inner Healing for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=518

6/19  Joyce Meyer – Emotional Healing and Total Wholeness, Part 1 –

6/18  Checklist for Trauma Levels to reach Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=506

6/17  Understanding Inner Healing in the Journey for total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=504

6/16  How Trauma and Hearing from God bring Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=502

6/15  Personal Worksheet on ‘Disclosing my Feelings’ for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=499

6/14  Anthony Robbins Explains ‘Power Emotions’! – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=497

6/13  Dealing with Wounded, Crippled emotions for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=495

6/12  Emotions are God’s Gift to help us toward Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=493

6/11 Healthy ways to express anger and emotions for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=491

6/10  Personal Exercise – Using ‘Feeling words’ for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=488

6/9  YouTube video – Controlling Your Emotions Before They Control You – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=486

6/8  The Nine Major Family Groups of Emotions – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=484

6/7 Exercise #1:  How well do I Handle My Emotions? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=481

YouTube – Healthy Anger for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=479

6/6  Healthy Ways to Handle Emotions for Total Wholeness –

6/5  Unhealthy Ways Emotions can Block Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=475

6/4  Where do we get our Emotions for Total Wholeness?- http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=471

6/3  How does our Emotional Nature Develop? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=469

6/2  Intro to Emotions and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=467


Renewing the Conscience:

Hearing God and The Conviction of the Spirit – Guest Post –http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=440

5/19  Summary on the Conscience and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=404

5/18  Personal Worksheet on your Conscience – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=401

5/17  Your Conscience’s Measuring Sticks and Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=398

5/16  Learning to Submit your Conscience for better Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=396

5/15  Two prayers for the Conscience to grow in Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=394

5/14  So how does our Conscience relate to our whole Personality?

5/13  What you Feed controls you on your journey to Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=383

5/12  Self Talk, Self hatred and the Conscience in seeking Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=362

5/11 Not an angry, judgemental God – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=420

5/10  Understand Condemnation versus conviction for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=358

5/9  As Christians, how do we  instruct our conscience toward Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=356

5/8  What does the Bible Teach about Total Wholeness and the Conscience?  – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=354

5/7  How does the Conscience work toward Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=352

5/6 How your Childhood influences the Conscience – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=413

5/5 So can we really Trust our Conscience to guide us? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=348

5/4 So Where do we get our Conscience for Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=343

5/3 Understanding what is the Conscience NOT? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=338

5/2 Welcome to the Conscience and Total Wholeness! – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=335


Our Human Spirit:

4/16 Summary of series on Spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=314

4/15 – Two prayers for your Spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=308

Two Interesting books – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=288

4/14 Guest post – thoughts on the Spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=304

4/13 Spirit’s influence on BR – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=300

4/12 Personal Exercise – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=279

4/10 Born again and spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=269

4/9 Spirit Sensitivity – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=252

4/8 Thoughts on Spirit – ??? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=250

4/7 Conditions of Spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=240

4/6 Where does the spirit come from – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=233

4/5 Functions of the spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=229

4/4 40 ways to Increase your spiritual awareness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=218

4/3  Spirit is not – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=214

4/2 Our Spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=210


Motivating the Will:

3/8  Will to face Creator – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=200

3/ 6  How do you change your will – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=181

3/  5  Motivation, guest – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=178

3/ 4  Payoffs – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=153

3/3  Help Will – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=146

Re-Training the Mind:

2/2  The Mind’s job in TW – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=116


Introduction to the Parts of your Personality – the Boardroom:

Using the tools of the BR – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=111

8/  The Leader toward total wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=93

7/  Living in the Body for Total Wholeness – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=85

6/ Having Healthy Emotions – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=81

5/  Healing the Heart –  http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=76

4/ Renewing the Conscience – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=71

3/  Finding the human spirit – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=66

3/  Intro: Say Hello to the Will – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=61

2/  TW and the Mind – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=57

1.  An Intro to your BR – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=52

So can I have Total Wholeness? – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=41


 Case Study for the Boardroom:

1.  Case study – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=207

3/7  Case study – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=187

4/11 Case Study #2 – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=276


Personal Worksheets:

Worksheet – condition of your will – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?


Sunday cuppa’s with Susanne:

Sunday Cuppa’, purpose of life – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=191


Personal Worksheets:

4/12 Personal Exercise – http://totalwholeness.mentorsnotebook.com/blog/?p=279


The True Caption of your World:

As you can see, we still have quite a few more posts in each of the above categories.  So keep coming back to see what you have missed!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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