An Example of using the Boardroom for Total Wholeness

In the process of Mentoring people, I often come across a very interesting example when using the Boardroom concept is the answer! 

Recently one person shared her story: Nicky came with with feelings of “….just being too tired to care anymore…”.  She  had a great job so her mind was still actively involved in planning, sorting and getting her responsibilities on top of things in her office….but when she went home, she feel in a heap.  She didn’t even have the energy to add new light bulbs!

So what was going on?  As we did a quick review of her ‘Boardroom’, she saw her will standing and shouting “No, I’m tired and no more!” 

The other members were actually being shouted down and now were quietly sitting there watching the will struggle to be heard. …except for her spirit who was trying to calm down the will and bring some reasoning into the situation.  However, as she watched, her spirit was also so tired of the struggle with the will.

The Lord was at the head of the Table but was pretty much being ignored by the will as the struggle was between her spirit and a tired, discouraged will.  “Why had they all had to endure what she had in the past?  Why weren’t things resolving as the Will believed God had wanted?  Why…Why…” was the constant stream of words from the Will, all aimed at the spirit.

When the Will was heard, we asked if the Lord could come and talk to the Will. “OK” came a very tired, reluctant Will.  Gently the Lord reminded the Will of times when He had been there, to bring good from what seemed like hard situations.  The Will accepted this; even the great job she had now was because He had taught Nicky so much.

The Lord Jesus then asked the Will if it could just take the little steps He had planned in front of Nicky.  That pleased the Will as it meant the Will wasn’t in charge of having to push every part of the Boardroom to get moving; it meant the Will could rest in His promises more.

Next, the Lord turned to the spirit.  He reinforced that the desired balance in her personality was for the spirit and the Holy Spirit to bring harmony for the whole system.

He wanted her spirit to find what brought “…refreshing, revitalization and strength…” to her spirit.  That was her homework for her spirit, along with encouraging the Will to see more of the Lord’s hand in her life.  Jesus needed to rebuilt the Will’s trust in the Lord’s guidance and love for her.

Nicky left our session with a big smile on the outside and the inside because she has seen the dynamics of her tired Will and tired Spirit.  It was the beginning of the next step to find more wholeness in her life.  She determined to work with her Will to let it rest more in His “…slow step at a time….” guidance….and to find new hope for her spirit.

I hope this has given you a bit more an understanding of how ‘the Boardroom’ can work for you.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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