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thumbtackLet me introduce you to a new way of looking at your inner world. 

We have discovered a great tool!  Within each of us, there is a system, a network that can produce disharmony or can work together to find harmony.

In fact you have 7 parts that influence this disharmony, wholeness and peace in your life. How we allow each part to function will influence our whole life.

Ever wondered why conflicts happen, both with others and within yourself?  How come there seems to be internal disharmony at times or in certain situations? How can we have more peace inside where torment seems to rage?  What’s going on inside of us that almost overpowers us, or drives us to certain addictions, disastrous behaviour or that causes us to make decisions that are self-destructive? It might be easier to see this concept of the chaos in our inner world much like a committee room or the Boardroom of a business corporation.  This is true for a Boardroom in chaos and dysfunction.

*** In a business Boardroom, different people have different roles and responsibilities – just like in our ‘part’ in your inner world.

*** Different people are often in conflict in the chaotic Boardroom – just like our inner world

*** Different people participate or are dominating in a Boardroom – just like in our inner Boardroom.

We can have combinations of ‘parts’ in control while other ‘parts’ are fighting for life or have given up hope altogether.  Can you begin to get the idea we are presenting? 

Our inner world is just like a business Boardroom but one that might be in chaos and fractional in-fighting

In the business world, a board is a group of people, chosen to make executive or managerial decisions for an organization. Just as a board operates as a governing body, so too does our internal boardroom, seeking direction and vision. Over the past months, we have presented all of these 7 parts, and then introduced the important CEO of the Boardroom: Our Creator and Leader. We seek our direction and vision from the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in our boardroom.

I have found this an interesting journey with practical and fascinating tools to offer each of you. We have seen the psychological viewpoints and then gone onto present the Biblical perspectives.  Hopefully, you have completed some of the homework with each of these ‘parts’.  However, we realise it is hard to keep all this in your mind or even hard to keep referring back to the blog.  I (Susanne) have greatly appreciated in input from my husband Daniel and my ‘Right-Hand’ woman who helped teach this series at Crossway Baptist Church in our Ladies groups.D&SF sharon1

So, the three of us have put together a summary!

It’s a quick refresher for those who missed any posts or who want to use these tools in their own life.

This eBook is going out for $7.50 with over 60 pages of summary and insights from our study on the 7 parts to your personality.

Here is what you will find in the eBook:

   Chapter 1 – How to Hear from God

   Chapter 2 – Introducing the MEMBERS of the Boardroom

   Chapter 3 – We begin with the WILL

   Chapter 4 – Onto the CONSCIENCE, including a special Prayer for your Conscience

   Chapter 5 – The part the MIND has in the Boardroom

   Chapter 6 – Understanding the HEART, including a special Prayer for your Heart

   Chapter 7 – The EMOTIONS, with a special Prayer for you Emotions

   Chapter 8 – The Human SPIRIT, with a Prayer for the health of your Spirit

   Chapter 9 – Introducing the CEO of the Boardroom, the Holy Spirit

   Chapter 10 – Concludes with Practical ways to use the Tools of the Boardroom

1bk 200

This Summary is not only a great Review but also a guide for future work as you journey through life.  Pastor Sharon White, Daniel and I have shared these teachings to many, many groups with really great results.

Here is one person’s comments about the Boardroom series:

“I would like to thank Daniel and Susanne for all the precious time, effort and encouragement they put into the Boardroom.  This has helped me to become better equipped in my journey with God. 

There are so many areas where the enemy has entered our lives.  We need to be aware of these unprotected areas.  These seminars have helped me to recognise and understand the different parts of my Boardroom and when they aren’t balanced, how this leads to struggles and frustrations.

“It has been a very valuable and worthwhile experience.  It has given me a solid grounding in which to keep working and exploring. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us. God has richly blessed us with these enlighten seminars.”

Another woman gave us this comment after working with Daniel on the Boardroom of her life:

“To a woman who has suffered hurt and abuse by men in her life, Daniel has been a shining light, a beacon of Godly manhood. Trusting men or even liking them had been difficult until I met Daniel and to this day, he is one of very few men I could honestly say I trust. He made it his business to find out how women think, feel and behave and is always prepared to listen when we are emotional. He is a man who so closely resembles Jesus that women can feel comfortable in his presence. Thank you Daniel for allowing Jesus to shape you into a man after His own heart.”

We would like to offer this summary as a Practical way for you to continue this journey.  You may use this material in ways that help the body of Christ, giving credit to the authors and the Source of this material.

Interested for $7.50?  That’s about the price of a good mug of coffee.

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Thanks for subscribing to our posts on Total Wholeness. 

We trust you will enjoy this Summary too!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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