Seeing your Whole Boardroom to Understand YOU

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We haven’t spent much time talking about the actual room where your Members meet to discuss, argue and tegan hair2make decisions. We can learn much about our life from this picture as well. Remember everyone’s room will be different. Here are a few examples.

Millie can for counselling with her life in total chaos and disorganization. Nothing seemed to be working for her.


YouTube – Healing the Heart

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Even though we have finished the series, I found a few more things to add to our blog.

Here is an excellent one by Bible teacher and New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer shows us the biblical and Godly way to move past your pain and hurts, Published on Aug 15, 2014.  “How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past”.

Here is another YouTube a friend sent: “Healing the Heart with Joan Hunter”, Joan Hunter.   She shares about effective prayers for the body, soul and spirit.  Published on Oct 8, 2015


Total Wholeness looks at Personal Boundaries

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Boundaries (2)Learning where the boundaries are is one of the important issues in facing and resolving any out-of-balance any parts of your personality. To think through such issues, we recommend the book ‘Boundaries: When to Say YES, When to Say NO, To Take Control of Your Life’.

Let’s start with a YouTube by Henry Cloud on Boundaries. Bestselling author Dr. Henry Cloud gave a summary of his teaching on “Boundaries” during interview with Christian Counsellor Dwight Bain, October 20, 2009.


Here are a few reader’s comments:


Total Wholeness is close to finishing the Boardroom!

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Susan1   Wow!  We have finished this whole topic on the 7 parts to your personality.

We covered what the Mind, Conscience, Will, Spirit, Body, Heart and Emotions, both from and Psychology point if view as well as what the Bible said about each part.

Then we talked about who needs to be the SEO of your life: The Holy Spirit and your human spirit making healthy growth in God and wise choices.

I trust you have enjoyed it as much as I have had the privilege of writing this blog.  I am sad to see this blog come to closure.  However, all things change and the end of things come to us all.


Announcing the Summary of the Boardroom!

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thumbtackLet me introduce you to a new way of looking at your inner world. 

We have discovered a great tool!  Within each of us, there is a system, a network that can produce disharmony or can work together to find harmony.


9/14 Where do we go from here in our Boardroom?

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So how can you use this tool of the Boardroom to your best advantage?  Good question.  Review your own BR areas to work on. Draw this chart onto your own paper and work with the BR members.

Which Member of the BR?

Jesus, what are the good points of this Member?

Jesus, what do You want to change?

  1. My Heart:


  1. My Mind:


  1. My Spirit:


  1. My Emotions:


  1. My Conscience:


  1. My Will:


  1. My Body:



Does God talk to us Today?

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In entering the field of Spiritual Mentoring, we run across many church doctrines, historical teachings and some outright BR confusiondangerous beliefs.  Recently a dear person came with a book from her pastor.  The basic premise was that “God doesn’t talk to us personally anymore as He has given us the Bible.  All His words are to found here and no other revelation or interpretation is to be used.  He has written everything He needed to say in the Bible.”

Well, I am not sure which group this book belongs in but it was certainly stunting this person’s walk in knowing the Living Jesus.


Review: How to Hear your Creator on your Boardroom

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policy girlAs we finish this Blog on Total Wholeness, it’s important to go back and review the foundations for reaching our goal: Hearing from our Creator and great Architect.

The ability to hear from God is an essential element in the life of a believer. In John 10:3-4 Jesus says that the sheep know the Shepherd’s voice and they listen and He calls them by name. He is that Shepherd.

So, how does God talk to us?

  1. Through His creation: Romans 1: 19-20, Psalm 19:1 & 97:6
  2. Through the conscience as conviction of the Holy Spirit: Romans 2:15, Hebrews 9:14

Australia calls the World to Pray and Fast for 7 days for the USA

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The following is a press Release from the National Day of Prayer, Australia:

“We in Australia believe it is our turn to bless the nation of the United States of America and to pray for healing according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.  We in Australia are grateful for the protection that America gave Australia and the nation of the free world during World WaR II.” Alison Jessup

bcn_prayforamerica_250pxAustralia – The team behind Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting ( ) along with other prayer leaders are calling the nations of the world to prayer and fasting for seven days for the USA. (photo via Charisma News)


The Garden of My Heart and my Total Wholeness

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A few years ago, when I was deep involved in doing my our Heart work, the Lord gavw me this poem I wantedbody1 to share it with you today.


My heart was like an overgrown garden,

When my Jesus rescued me.

Overgrown with thorns and briars,

Not a pleasure for my God to see.


My walls were strong and tall,

Shielding my weakness from view.

The extent of weeds, thorns and creepers,

No one but He really knew.


He became for me the Door to the Father,


Total Wholeness asks “Where is your Holy Spirit Space”?

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girl at computerThe purpose of this exercise is to help you to be more aware of God’s presence in your world. Collect 2 pieces of paper and 4 drawing pens or textas, of the colours you like. It is important that you have a sense of privacy where you are.

Follow the steps as listed to find your ‘Holy Spirit Space’ and what your Creator is saying to you. We are inviting the Lord to talk to you about your spirit and where He sees you on your journey. We list the process so when you are ready, begin and LISTEN to hear His voice. Take your time and work slowly through this exercise.


Total Wholeness Presents two Prayers for your Body

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In this post we want to present a Prayer for Your Body.  By saying this to prayer for your Body  – who can hear and understand you – this will help you find the place of your Body and bring a sense of Peace in line with your Creator.

Print off these two prayers and chose which one fits your life.  Try saying this prayer in the morning or night to help your Body become more aware of its purpose and importance in your world, bringing more total wholeness for you!

Prayer #1: