Total Wholeness presents: ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’

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Cuppa1Celebrate with me!  After four years in production, this is my first ever published novel!  ‘Guardians of the Promise: Tamar’s Story’.

In 1714 BC, a young country girl began the journey of her life.  She was given in marriage to the eldest son of Judah, to Erdad of the tribe of Abraham.  As she began this journey in fear and trembling, Tamar had little idea of the future she would find.


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9/5 Guest Post: How to Use the Board Room

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Some people really take to the Boardroom and use their knowledge as tools to help them life better.  Other people find the whole process just too complicated and ‘toss the baby out with the bath water’.  So how can this Boardroom example be used in a practical way?  Why is knowing about all these parts within us even helpful?   Here is a Guest writer explaining some of the values to using the Boardroom as tools in everyday living. 

Here is a Guest Post by Pastor Sharon White on how she has learned to use the Tools of the Boardroom:


9/4 So how does the Boardroom change in Total Wholeness?

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Today we want to summarise the information we’ve presented about the BR.  In our time together we have looked at each of the different Boardroom members and how they function under the “Old Nature”.  Win this post, we discuss how these members of your personality change when the Holy Spirit becomes real in your life.  This is the process that happens under the Lordship of Jesus. 

So we now present a Review of The Boardroom members and how they change under the influence of the Holy Spirit and your spirit in control. 


8/27 Restoring Our Body Back To the Lord for Total Wholeness

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We have been discussing the place of our Physical Body in the Boardroom – our total personality.    We have seen how emotions influence our Body’s health and how important it is to see the signs of self-rejection when it comes to our Body.

Here is an interesting guest post along the lines of knowing the inner struggles the body and the Heart face:


8/15 Exercise #5: My Eating Patterns

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We continue to look at the place of the physical body in our Boardroom – the different parts that make us who we are.  The following worksheet has been designed to help discover the eating habits you have adopted.  Some habits are good and some are not so healthy.  It might help to print off this worksheet so you can think through the questions. 

Rate the following questions:  1= not true for me / 5= a real problem for me

1. Family meal times were always tense, stressful. ______

2. Other members of my family have eating issues. ______


7/24 Total Health and the Downhill slide – Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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Before we go onto our next series for the Boardroom, let’s take a quick break and look at the stress levels your system might be feeling.   Here is an interesting look at ‘The Downhill Slide: Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

A. We all feel stress.

1. .Sometimes of the year carry greater stress for some people!  Why?

a) This time shows up some unreal expectations of others – saying ‘no’.

b) It stretches thin the resources that are already stretched too thin.

c) It shows holes in relationships, esp. families.

d) It can show wrong priorities, money spending habits, etc.


7/23 Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – our new Series!

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In case you haven’t noticed, we started a new series a new series in Hearing Your Creator’s Voice!  We are talking about the journey we make as Jesus followers from being Slaves in the Kingdom of this world – to its thinking, ways of behaving and ways of protecting ourselves from the pains of this world.  You’ll find us on

Then we want to jump into the normal next stage – that of learning to be a servant in the Kingdom.  Many people seem to just stop here, especially if they have run into the legalism and ‘religiousness’ we can find around us.


Total Wholeness Blog looks at Improving your bad Hair Day!

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Well, the year is almost half way finished and 2014 is almost there….but before we really make that jump here are some insights that might brighten your day!  This is especially if you feel like today is a really bad Hair Day!


 Australian M.S. Day is May 29th this year.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those we know and love who have this disease!

Recently I borrowed the Nature & Health magazine from my Gym.  I found some treasures to share with you!  Source:  from the December 2012 issue.


The Pathway to Inner Healing for Total Wholeness

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In our previous posts, we have been discussing what bring Total Wholeness for our Emotions.  We saw how the vast majority of people grow up with hurts, Heart judgements and traumas.  It is unavoidable as human beings.

We also saw that Jesus came to bring a reconciliation back to our Creator.  Part of the reconciliation is the healing of our spirit, soul and eventually our physical bodies.  This includes healing for our Heart and our Emotions.

….. But just how do you go about doing the process!

A.  Bringing light to darkness – the steps in Inner Healing


Guest Post – Christian Foundations on Conviction or Condemnation?

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Our Guest Post by Pastor Sharon White:


This week our passage focuses on the Holy Spirit bringing conviction.

It’s part of a “Farewell Discourse” of Jesus’ outlining his departure and its effect on the disciples future. Saying goodbye is never easy. Apart from funerals, airport departure lounges are for me the epitome of places of sad farewells.

There is a classic story of goodbyes in the Bible, John 16:4 onwards. Jesus is sharing with his disciples that His departure is necessary so that they can fully embrace the future. He repeatedly points them to the benefits of his leaving. “…..It is for your good I’m going away.”


Two Interesting Books on the Condition of your Spirit

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In this series, we have been examining the influence, condition and purpose for your personal spirit.  Since the real you is a spirit, we really need to pay attention to what is your spirit and how you were shaped to be the individual you are.

The best known researchers and authors in the area of the human spirit are John and Paula Sandford.  Their years of study and ministry give them a unique perspective in this important topic.

Two of their best known books are ‘Healing the Wounded Spirit’, Victoria House, Tulsa, Ok, 1985 and ‘Waking the Slumbering Spirit’, Clear Streams, Inc Publishing, 2002.  Another helpful book is ‘The Transformation of the Inner Man’.


4/12 Personal Exercise and your Spirit to find Total Wholeness

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The purpose of this exercise is to help you to be more aware of your Creator’s presence in your world.

Collect 2 pieces of paper and 4 drawing pens or coloured crayons, of the colours you like. It is important that you have a sense of privacy where you are.

Follow the steps as listed to find your ‘Holy Spirit Space’ and what your Creator is saying to you. We are inviting the Lord to talk to you about your spirit and where He sees you on your journey. We list the process so when you are ready, begin and LISTEN to hear His voice. Take your time and work slowly through this exercise.