Seeing your Whole Boardroom to Understand YOU

We haven’t spent much time talking about the actual room where your Members meet to discuss, argue and tegan hair2make decisions. We can learn much about our life from this picture as well. Remember everyone’s room will be different. Here are a few examples.

Millie can for counselling with her life in total chaos and disorganization. Nothing seemed to be working for her.

When she began her journey into this inner world, she also saw the chaos within. Her official medical diagnosis was depression, with many phobic disorders. Each member was standing on its rights to “….tell the others how to do things!” The Mind was yelling about all the illogical things she was doing while the Conscience was shoving its rulebook onto everyone. Emotions were running riot while the Heart was sobbing. The spirit was not where to be found and of course the body was being stomped on by everyone!

As she looked around the room, chairs were tossed aside, curtains torn and papers thrown everywhere. Dark heavy curtains covered the windows, preventing any light into the room. Doors were cracked and cupboards hung open. It was here we found her spirit hiding, rejecting the whole mess.   The Holy Spirit had been regulated to a small corner of the room, not listened to or even paid any attention. What a mess indeed!

She was amazed at the transformation as she began to see the real design of her Creator for each part!

For my own Boardroom, heavy curtains were drawn; no light entered the room. Everyone was around the table by all were physically exhausted. No interacting was happening, just sleepy, lethargic and disinterested. Large boxes were stacked around the edges of the room. I could see many sparkling treasured tucked in the boxed but disorganized and without purpose. Can you guess the issues I needed to face to even find and get my Will in connection with the Holy Spirit and absent human spirit?

So, a suggestion would be to look at the room as well as the members within the room. What is the overall feeling of the room and what does the Holy Spirit wish to change. This can be another exciting adventure for your total wholeness!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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