Sunday Cuppa with Susanne – our new Series!

In case you haven’t noticed, we started a new series a new series on Christian Foundations!  We’re talking about the journey we make as Jesus followers from being Slaves in the Kingdom of this world – to its thinking, ways of behaving and ways of protecting ourselves from the pains of this world. 

Then we want to jump into the normal next stage – that of learning to be a servant in the Kingdom.  Many people seem to just stop here, especially if they have run into the legalism and ‘religiousness’ we can find around us.

…but that’s not the stopping point for normal Christian growth.  Next, we have to learn what it means to be adopted into His family, a child of the loving God!  We were created for His family, to be in that relationship with our Creator.  How long has it been since you just jumped into His throne room and said ‘Hello Dad.  What is the world going?’

Yet there is more.  We are not meant to stay a child all our life.  The journey moves onto being trained and developed into a full heir…not a servant in the body of Christ, or a child!  That means facing the trails and issues of life with His weapons, standing firm against the enemy we all face and growing into the image of our Lord.

…and after that, when someone reaches full maturity in their walk with God?  Guess what??? The journey is still not finished!  Some day, He is coming back for His Bride!  Will you be in that group of people?

Come join us as we see what each of the steps in this journey mean and how to help you onto your next stage of growth: You’ll find us on  or you can find us on YouTube:

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