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8/1 Our Physical Body and the impact on Total Wholeness

Published on September 27, 2013 By admin

We just finished the important part of your personality called ‘The Heart’.  This is such an important concept to remember because our Heart is the centre and source of everything we do, say, believe and consider important!  If you didn’t have the space to see what we talked about, return to HERE!

We now return to this next important member of your inner system: The Body.  The Physical Body has some representative in the Boardroom, with its needs, wants and desires.  Some of these needs are God-given but other messages from the body are cravings, self-image or overload issues.


8/1 Living in a Healthy Body

Published on December 15, 2011 By admin
In our last posts in the blog devoted to Total Wholeness, we introduced the idea that your inner systems are somewhat like the Boardroom meetings of businesses.  So far, we have introduced the six parts in your inner world.  Can you remember them? 

Somewhere in your Boardroom you will find:

The Mind……The Will…..The Human Spirit…..The Conscience….The Heart…..The Emotions

We have presented the members of your personality, sitting around their boardroom table …but in peaceful discussions?  Well, no not really!  As we shall see in our coming posts, the conflicts and stresses found in most people’s Boardroom is far from Total Wholeness!  Control, anger, frustration, ignorance, overwork or any number of things rule most people’s Boardroom!