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1/1 An Introduction to Your Boardroom

Published on December 13, 2011 By admin

Ever been to a major company’s boardroom meetings?  What would you expect to find in the Boardroom of the White House in the USA?  What would you think happens in the Boardroom meetings of United Airlines, or IBM and Microsoft? 

Most functional, productive businesses of the world have a united, goal-oriented approach in their meetings, with different people doing different jobs.  We have taken this expectation and applied it to the boardrooms you can find with your own personality. 


So can I have Total Wholeness?

Published on December 11, 2011
By admin

Welcome to our Blog Home Page on Total Wholeness!

——- > Before you begin, we have a new page, listing all posts for you!

Welcome to our Blog! We are Daniel and Susan Fengler ……and hopefully this is a blog that will change your life forever!

Hello Blog Reader: Is your world seemingly out of control…or slowly sinking into a mental and emotional swamp, then this blog is for you!  Here is a quick preview of what we are covering: