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7/2 Intro to Healing the Heart for Total WholenessTotal Wholeness

Published on February 24, 2013tour By admin

Welcome back!  We are discussing the subject of Total Wholeness on this blog.   What does the term mean and how do we achieve Total Wholeness?  Continue with us as we explore the concept of the Heart!

A. Review and Introduction to the Heart

So far in our Total Wholeness blog, we have pictured the seven parts of our personality much like how a business runs its ‘Boardroom’.  For the vast majority of people, their Boardroom is out of harmony, in conflict or even in guerrilla warfare between the members.


6/1 Total Wholeness & Healing the Heart

Published on December 17, 2011international By admin

As we continue with our Blog on Total Wholeness, we want to introduce the Member of the Boardroom that has the largest voting block – the Heart.  One of the greatest truths we have learned in our 20+ years as counsellors has been about the heart.  The more we can help people deal with the root issues in the heart – rather than just the head – the deeper the change and the more healing is likely.