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2/1 Total Wholeness and The Mind

Published on December 13, 2011information By admin

In our first post in this Total Wholeness blog, we began an Introduction to the Boardroom concept and to the 7 special members of your personality.  Can you remember what they were?  The first member we want to five a brief Introduction to is ‘The Mind’.

So, welcome to the Boardroom member: ‘The Mind’.  

This is the logical, rational member who “just wants to understand and organise things”.  This member can be a dominating force, usually against the heart and emotions.  In our Greek heritage, the mind has been elevated and educated more than any other member of the Boardroom. We spend from 10 years to 30 years educating the Mind in its abilities to scientifically see the world.  It is the logical, rational components to my thinking, aims to make decisions, plans and to organise your life.