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8/5 We need to learn to Listen to our Body for Total Wholeness

Published on October 13, 2013
By admin

As we continue looking at the place of the Body in our personal total Wholeness, we can see every part of your personality – Heart, Mind, Will, Emotions, Spirit and Conscience – all have an influence on the Body.  Your whole Boardroom system affects the Body!  It’s like the Body is the Battleground for all the other parts to play out their pleasures and pain. 

The Body is greatly influenced by whatever else is going on with the other members of the inner system.  All the emotional input affects the Body.  The stresses of the Conscience pull and twist at the very fabric of this complex creation.  The Heart with its wounds and desires push and pull the Body’s directions.  If the Will is crippled, the Body will show it.