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6/26 Summary for the Total Wholeness and our Emotions

Published on February 13, 2013api By admin

Well we have come to end of our sections on Emotions.  Remember we are considering each part of our personality much like we would see a Boardroom.  Some members are in harmony while others may be in violent disagreement.  Some members might be hiding their true responses while other may be vocal and dominating.

The 7 parts of our personality are like this too.  So far we have look at the Mind – the logical, rational decision making part of the Boardroom.  The mind, as important as it is, much know that it is not the ‘Captain of your world’ with all the pressures that job carries.  The mind is designed to be a tool, a very important one but only a tool.  Other factors need to come into consideration in order for harmony for prevail in your Boardroom.