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8/18 What about the Body and Sex for total Wholeness?

Published on March 5, 2014privacy By admin

When we think about the body’s importance in our personality, we need to look at the topic of sex and the body, especially in the super-saturated sexual environment of our day and age.

A.  The ‘Sex Centre’ of our Body’:

The ‘sex centre’ in your brain is located in the hypothalamus, which is also that part of the brain that controls the emotions, heart rate and blood pressure.  Hormones, especially testosterone, are released from this gland, stimulating the desire for sex.  What we belief about our self and our body will filter everything we see around us.  If we have judged ourselves as not good enough, not sexy enough, etc., then that’s how we will act and how others will teat us.   Therefore it is important to have a Godly attitude toward our Body and its the God given sexual needs.