The Boardroom in the Hospital

Recently a friend came across an important prayer for the Boardroom if we need to go to the hospital.


Notes taken from Your spirit and Surgery by Arthur Burk

God’s Kingdom laws apply where ever we are. Because we are paying for the space at the hospital, the people involved, the surgeons, equipment and the whole procedure, this gives us the rights in His name to pray the following:

We call attention to the demonic over the hospital before we go there.

“I am a child of the Most High God and am in covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. I am coming to ……..(Hospital) and when I come, you will be under the authority of the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Because He is with me, Everywhere I go is Kingdom turf. So this become His territory over me while I am there. There is to be no intrusion into His space. Kingdom laws apply and all the defilement in the people and land is suspended during the time that I am there.

For during surgery

I call my spirit to be at attention during surgery and to take charge of the process and of everyone in the room. Working with the Holy Spirit, be alert to all the events happening. Guide the decisions made for the best interest of His kingdom and the Body. I ask for peace for all members of my Boardroom!

Post surgery

Now spirit you need to vigorously accelerate the repair of capillaries in the area of the incision. Micro-manage the whole process to invigorate the body for the amino acids and other resources needed to accelerate the healing process.

See to it that capillaries are rebuilt quickly so that waste products can be taken out and processed by the organs. Help the whole system minimising swelling.

My precious spirit work with the nerves to calm the pain that is there, to begin the process of regrowing the nerves to energize the new tissue using the healing power of the Holy Spirit. I bring any traumas to any part of my Boardroom into order under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Spirit, I assure you that even though you may never done this, before you are designed to do it under the authority and rights as a Child of the loving Father God.

Be at rest, spirit.

Your Spirit and Surgery by Arthur Burk, Published on Nov 26, 2013, ‘SapphireLeadership‘, This video by Arthur Burk describes some tools you can use to prepare your spirit for the operating room so that the procedure and recovery are positively impacted by the dominion God designed for your spirit.

I trust this has been helpful for you.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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