The Pathway to Inner Healing for Total Wholeness

In our previous posts, we have been discussing what bring Total Wholeness for our Emotions.  We saw how the vast majority of people grow up with hurts, Heart judgements and traumas.  It is unavoidable as human beings.

We also saw that Jesus came to bring a reconciliation back to our Creator.  Part of the reconciliation is the healing of our spirit, soul and eventually our physical bodies.  This includes healing for our Heart and our Emotions.

….. But just how do you go about doing the process!

A.  Bringing light to darkness – the steps in Inner Healing

There are several paths to find the healing that we need.  The follow is simple step-by-step way to find the Holy spirit’s truth for your life.

1.  Always remember to work with your heart as you go through these steps.   Practice hearing its messages, even if it just wants to hide or ignore what you are doing!

2.  Discover the Painful Emotions in the Heart

Jumping into Inner healing is hard for some people.  The easiest way is to as the Lord Jesus “What is the memory you want to heal today?” However, if you are having trouble hearing the Lord, you might need to look for the ‘stuck’ emotions in the heart.  This means looking for the situation/s – the reactions cycles – that ‘cause’ the emotions we feel.  For some people, the emotions come before any awareness of reaction cycles.  Check to see if your heart is willing to work on this.

3.  Express the Emotions

Find one reaction situation and list the emotions you felt.  Next, aim to put these emotions into words. Don’t be afraid, we are now adults and don’t need to fear getting a belting for our feelings.  Feeling themselves cannot hurt you!  We need to learn that we are now FREE to express our feelings. In fact the ONLY way our heart can be liberated from the hurt in there, is to express our emotions.  If you have trouble ‘verbalising’ your feelings, you need to learn how!

4.  Allow the emotions to take us to the injury site

Ask Jesus: “Where did I feel these emotions before?”  Once you have identified your feelings, and have expressed them to someone, ask Jesus to follow the trail of feelings to the memory of childhood traumatic injury to your heart.  Allow Him to visit and talk with the hurt little child and receive His Truth and healing.

4.  Ask the Holy Spirit what lie or half-truth you believed. 

When you have ‘drifted’ to the childhood trauma memory, Jesus will want to meet you there for ‘inner healing’.  Ask Jesus: “What lies and half-truths did my heart believe from these ‘friends’?”  Because Jesus is the Truth, ask Him for the lie your heart has believed all these years. If you understand how your heart makes friends which ‘seem’ to protect it, ask Him to show you the ‘friends’ your heart has made as a coping method against pain. Help your heart trade these ‘friends’ for what Jesus wants.  Put them in a box and give them to Jesus.

5.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the ‘Rhema’ truth to replace the lie. 

As He speaks to you in a vision, or by words, it will have an impact on your spirit.  Not only will the lie be exposed, but He will give you an ‘aha’ rhema, that can be accepted by your heart.

Ask for His Truth to replace the lies.  Choose to renew your mind and heart with the Truth.  The heart also will be comforted and/or healed.  Does your heart accept the truth as given by Jesus?

6.  Seal the healing through confession, repentance and forgiveness.

Only when your heart is ready, work on judgement and forgiveness.  When Jesus has healed you and there is no more pain, your heart can forgive the abuser ‘from the heart’.  This means to take your judgement off them and set them free to the choice of their will.

B.  A Word of Caution

When it comes to seeing pictures, we do not ‘direct the Lord’ in your pictures.  You can ‘set the scene’ and then let go.  This may take practice and learning new skills but it is well worth the effort.

C.  Some Practical Ideas:

1.  Record in your journal: Is there any more healing needed?  Are you aware of trauma points in your life where you haven’t allowed the Lord to help heal? 2.  Catch two times when you experience a strong emotional reaction to an event during this next week.  Find some quiet time and experiment with the ‘Pathway for Inner Healing’.  Record the steps as you work them through.  Take your time and do this slowly if you are not used to working in the area.  Ask Jesus to come into the ‘picture’.  What does He say or do? 3.  Another way to start this part of your healing is to find a strong emotion you already know you feel and following the steps through the pattern.

We have presented this blog post so that you can see there is hope for any cripples, wounded parts of our personality as we journey toward Total Wholeness.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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