Total Wholeness Case Study, Session 1

Some people, especially the logically, rational mind people, want to know the practical use for this ‘Boardroom’ concept‘How does it work in the real world?’   …..that’s a good question and fair enough.  Why invest your busy time and energy into something that seems to have no practical answer.

….and hey, guys, fon’t tune out because you don’t think all this ‘touchy-feely stuff isn’t for you.  We all need to know these truths to live in total Wholeness

However, like all tools, once you learn how to use the Boardroom truths, it all begins to make sense!  So, to help us work through the ‘Tools’ and learn to see their value and use, I have included a Case study.  Let me introduce Margaret.

Whenever anyone asked Jasmine what she wanted to do when she grew up, it was ‘…to be a doctor!’  So, she finished well at school and went on to do all the requirements to fulfil her dream.  She thrived in her early jobs, advancing up the career ladder at a promising rate.

About a month ago, Jasmine came across a new job possibility advertised in her local paper.  It was a combination of Medicine Supervisor and teaching the new nurses in areas that she loved.  As she thought about it, her sense of excitement grew.  It sounded just perfect!  It was further from home, the pay was great and the hours even better than where she was….and so she applied for the new job.

Her interview went well and she really felt good about getting the job.  When two weeks went by without hearing from the Company, she felt a slight sense of disappointment but told herself, ‘I guess I’m better off where I am now.’

Soon she was lost in her work and time passed.  About a week after this, Jasmine noticed her motivation was slipping and a sense of depression and sadness seemed to swallow her up.  She took the day off and went back to her flatmates and crawled into bed for the rest of the afternoon.

She tried to block out her husband’s comments: “Maybe you need more meds?  You always sleep too much!  Careful, you might lose this job.  How about I call you Mum and see if she’ll come and sit with you?’  Of course, none of his or other family member’s comments were helpful.

So, the question is – ‘How does the Boardroom’ -those seven parts of our personality -‘fit into this story?’  Stop for a moment and think about all the ‘parts’ of Margaret that were involved with taking the day off.

So far, we have seen the role of the mind and the will – what part did they have in her loss of motivation and tiredness?  What about the other ‘members’ – her body and tiredness, her conscience and listening to her flatmates?

Then, where are her emotions, her spirit, her heart and most of all, her Creator?  Any ideas of the real, deeper reasons for Jasmine’s lose of motivation and her need for a ‘mental health day’?

We shall cover these ‘parts’ as we continue with Jasmine’s journey through her Boardroom.  So check back for the continuation of Jasmine’s story and how she sorted out the root causes of her sadness,

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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