Total Wholeness is close to finishing the Boardroom!

Susan1   Wow!  We have finished this whole topic on the 7 parts to your personality.

We covered what the Mind, Conscience, Will, Spirit, Body, Heart and Emotions, both from and Psychology point if view as well as what the Bible said about each part.

Then we talked about who needs to be the SEO of your life: The Holy Spirit and your human spirit making healthy growth in God and wise choices.

I trust you have enjoyed it as much as I have had the privilege of writing this blog.  I am sad to see this blog come to closure.  However, all things change and the end of things come to us all.

It has been a major tool in my counselling and mentoring, especially the topic of understanding the heart.  I would encourage you to add this blog to your Favourites bar and come back often.  It is hard to absorb all this information and valuable treasures in one read.

Remember too, we have a great selection of helpful eBooks for you as well.  I will be blog cover 2adding these from time to time.  I will always welcome your comments as you go through each member of your Boardroom.

THEN, I have finally finished a Summary of the  Boardroom Players!  Catch my next post to see how you can buy your copy!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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