Total Wholeness presents: ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’

Cuppa1Celebrate with me!  After four years in production, this is my first ever published novel!  ‘Guardians of the Promise: Tamar’s Story’.

In 1714 BC, a young country girl began the journey of her life.  She was given in marriage to the eldest son of Judah, to Erdad of the tribe of Abraham.  As she began this journey in fear and trembling, Tamar had little idea of the future she would find.


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Four years later, she helped to bury her first husband and, in the custom of Abraham’s people, she was given in marriage to the second son, Onan. This marriage lasted another four years and failed to produce an heir. Now the question was whether to give her to the third son …. or deny her the right of a widow to stay within the tribe.  It was this Tamar Kindle eBook cover, 2unexpected decision that launched Tamar into the fight of her life. We follow her story from the innocent young girl to a young woman who had to take life into her own hands in order to be protected and provide for herself as a young widow… but her plans to do this were very controversial. ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’ holds Tamar and Judah under the magnifying glass to see if they will follow what is before them – or if Judah takes the easy path to do nothing.  For Tamar, it is the challenge of bringing Judah to honour his promises.   For Judah, it includes becoming the leader he is meant to be.

As you know, life never runs to the path we think.  Sent home, Tamar finds her family, their home and her very life under threat from a very different source, ‘the Raiders’.  Never would she have expected to find the local Temple harlots her rescuers!  Exposed to their human sacrifice and ritualistic worship, her path takes another turn.

jesus1However, the great thread in our story of ‘Guardians of a Promise: Tamar’s Story’ is that of Jehovah God’s plans to continue the generational line for His Seed, the Messiah that would come through Judah’s line.  His plans are entwined with the hopes and dreams of this young girl and that of a lost leader.

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