Total Wholeness Presents two Prayers for your Body

In this post we want to present a Prayer for Your Body.  By saying this to prayer for your Body  – who can hear and understand you – this will help you find the place of your Body and bring a sense of Peace in line with your Creator.

Print off these two prayers and chose which one fits your life.  Try saying this prayer in the morning or night to help your Body become more aware of its purpose and importance in your world, bringing more total wholeness for you!

Prayer #1: 

 ”Body, I bless you with the kind of peace that brings true fulfilment and relationship with your Creator.  Please know, Body that you are a work of art, a creation beyond all other creations.  You are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.   The Creator finds pleasure and wants to bless you with a security that is far beyond this world. 

“So, Body my physical tent, I call you into the place of authority in my whole personality.  I ask for health and wholeness for you as you seek to become stronger and take your place in wholeness.  I realise that you you grow older, Body you will feel the wear and tear of this physical world; that is the sad inheritance from the disobedience of Adam and Eve.  I am sorry for this, Body and will endeavour to take care of you to the best of my ability, with the Lord’s help.

“I bless you with a clear sense of what is God’s reality and what He expects of you.  May you know His calling and walk in that path, without fretting, fearing or showing any anxiety for this day and the days to come.   May all your physical parts – from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet – come into divine order.   Immune system, I ask that you repeal any viruses or other foreign disease causing products.

“I call you into a larger perception of what it means to be MY Body.  I release you to know more and more the worship of our Creator and to hear truth from His word.  I release you to talk to the mind about being involved with our Creator to live as He planned for us to live.

“I release you Body to work with the Will to bring the freedom to follow His right path, without procrastination or haste.  I pronounce blessings for you Body to follow our Lord and the lover of our soul.  I choose to accept you as you are and to live to the best of our ability with His help.  Amen”

Prayer #2. 

“Body, I call you to attention in the special name of Jehovah-Rophe, to name for Him who calls you into total health, body, soul and you, spirit.  Our Creator gave His people this name when they came out of Egypt as a promise of healing and His presence to guide their days.

“Body, I call you to be the physical connection to the emotional and spiritual world around us.  You are designed in such a marvellous way that not even the greatest doctor can fully understand you.  Therefore Body, we need to be in contact with our Designer to sort through physical illness and mental issues.  This world was created by the One who calls you into this relationship with Him.  So I release you into the fullness of His nature and character.

“Yes, Body He has created rules and pattern within His world and with the Holy Spirit and your help we can please Him in all our choices.  I bless you with freedom to see His hand in everything around you, to understand how He brings all things into good blessings for us.

“I ask His blessings for you to avoid the things that cripple and side-track you from your true purposes.   May you see and find His will around such restriction as the boundaries of our culture and of religion, that would stop us from following Him.  May we – my whole personality – celebrate His goodness and His birth right that has been gained by the life, death, resurrection and presence at the right hand of the Father by the true Lord Jesus Christ. 

“I value you Body, and even though someday you will be replaced with a perfect Body, I will try my best to take care of you now, with the Lord’s help.  Amen!”


In saying these prayers with every part of your personality – your mind, will, conscience, heart, emotions, body and your spirit’s attention – you will find a difference in your day!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author  

P.S.  The idea for this post has come from an excellent book: ‘Blessing your Spirit’, by Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk, Published by The Father’s Business. Birmingham, AL, 2005.  Thanks Marion for your suggestion!




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