Total Wholeness recommends ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’

When we look at the actual Person of Jesus of Nazareth, we find some surprises.  Here is an excellent book to describe the real Jesus! 

Here is one person’s comment:

“Andrew Lloyd Webber cast Him as a rock-n-roll rebel in the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.   Many other Christians see Him as a handsome European-looking man.  Social justice groups place Him next to Ghandi in His defence of the downtrodden.

“…. but, says Philip Yancey, ‘the real Jesus would have left most people scratching their heads along with the disciples and asking: ‘Who is this guy?’

” This is exactly the question Yancey asks in his new book ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’.   Yancey’s search for the real Jesus collides with the calm, cool, collected and loving hippie notions of Jesus that he saw in modern American culture.  Instead, he finds a Galilean Jew born into apparent scandal making the most daring of claims: that He is ‘…. the Way, the Truth and the Light.’

“The book, ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ developed out of a class Yancey led at LaSalle Street Church in Chicago; finding the real Jesus has been Yancey’s passion since childhood.  Yancey saw Him as a cardboard cut-out in Sunday School and a cosmic Christ in Bible college.  Today he sees a world that marks its calendar around Jesus’ birth and uses His name to intensify a curse. (Wouldn’t it be odd to centre a calendar around Napoleon’s birth or to scream ‘Thomas Jefferson’ in a shocking situation?)

Says Yancey, ‘ I am not writing a book about Jesus because He is a great man who changed history.  I am not tempted to write about Julius Caesar or the Chinese emperor who built the great wall. I am drawn to Jesus, irresistibly, because He has positioned himself at the dividing point of life.  ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ looks at who Jesus was, why He came, and what He left behind.  More than historical speculation or doctrinal recitation, Yancey asks the questions out of a personal desire to truly know Jesus.

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This is such an important truth that Philip Yancey has written a study guide for his book.  His introduction to the study is well worth watching!


The Jesus I Never Knew, an Audio book by Philip Yancey

Recently I came across this same book but in Audio form.

” ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ audio book gives a moving and refreshing portrait of the central figure of history, Jesus Christ. With a willingness to tackle difficult questions, Philip Yancey looks at the radical words of this itinerant Jewish carpenter and asks whether we are taking him seriously enough in our own day and age.


“From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers; a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith. ‘The Jesus I Never Knew’ uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying.

 “This honest book will help you discover a different Jesus from the flannel graph Sunday school figure, the sweetly smiling Victorian Saviour, and all the cultural clichés that have tamed Jesus and kept him in comfortable religious boxes.

“According to Yancey, ‘No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same. In the end I found the process of writing this book to be a great act of faith-strengthening. Jesus has rocked my own preconceptions and has made me ask hard questions about why those of us who bear his name don’t do a better job of following him.’

We trust you will enjoy this book, either in written or audio form!

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