Two Interesting Books on the Condition of your Spirit

In this series, we have been examining the influence, condition and purpose for your personal spirit.  Since the real you is a spirit, we really need to pay attention to what is your spirit and how you were shaped to be the individual you are.

The best known researchers and authors in the area of the human spirit are John and Paula Sandford.  Their years of study and ministry give them a unique perspective in this important topic.

Two of their best known books are ‘Healing the Wounded Spirit’, Victoria House, Tulsa, Ok, 1985 and ‘Waking the Slumbering Spirit’, Clear Streams, Inc Publishing, 2002.  Another helpful book is ‘The Transformation of the Inner Man’.

This valuable couple continue in their teaching in this area, training others to carry on their work.  We have found these two books very helpful in our 25+ years of ministry in pointing people toward their Creator and the condition of their own spirit.

In this blog, we present a quick review of two of their books having to do with the Human Spirit:

Waking the Slumbering Spirit (Keys of Knowledge) by John Sandford, Paula Sandford and Lee Bowman (Aug 1993)

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“This book will move you far beyond the diagnosis of problems and provides the essential key of knowledge for awakening persons asleep in the spirit–and restoring the richness of God given spirituality.”

Here is a more recent version:  Awakening the Slumbering Spirit by John Loren Sandford and John Sandford (Sep 10, 2008)

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Book Description:        Publication Date: September 10, 2008

“Have you ever longed to do something great for God, but lacked the ability to put “feet” to your longings? Have you tried to overcome your lack of passion for God or the things of God, but felt harnessed by spiritual lethargy?

“Do you want to impact your world for God? This book unveils the possibility that your own inner spirit may be slumbering…unfocused…even apathetic because of unresolved spiritual issues.

“It shows how this can affect your conscience, or hinder you from building and sustaining personal relationships, intimate communication, and devotional life. As you read this uniquely written book, you will find life-transforming principles for allowing the Holy Spirit to awaken your personal spirit and help you learn to walk confidently in the nature and image of Christ.”


Healing the Wounded Spirit by Paula Sanford and John Loren Sandford (May 1985)

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“Healing the Wounded Spirit is for everyone who suffers from hurts–past or present. Through this book, God can help you to discern a wounded spirit in yourself and others, and, best of all, He will show you how to receive His healing power in your life.”


Elijah House is another of their ministry outcomes.  Look for this ministry and books as well!

For a full list of their books, go to Spirit-John-Sanford where you can find some 90 similar books written by them or others taught in their ministry style.

What a gift to the understanding of the human spirit these people have been.  We hope you  gain as much help from their books as we have in writing this series on your Human Spirit and its influence on Total Wholeness.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author



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