Two prayers for your Boardroom

As we end this series on the major parts of your personality, I would like to add two more prayer to help encourage and seal what you have learned.

Prayer #1.

“Holy Spirit You are my Guide and my Teacher. Please bring me to a place of unity and peace within my Boardroom. Where once chaos is and torment ruled, help me replace all this with Your view of my world. Help me bring inner strength from a strong spirit and healthy Will.

You Lord see more of my inner being than I ever can so I ask for Your guidance. May my precious Heart continue to respond to Your touch of love and care. Help me to be like that person who sees Truth and allows that Truth to enter deep into my Heart and Mind. May I not be just a hearer only.

“Thank You for the treasures You have planted in My Heart and life, even the treasures gained through the hard times. You are re-making me into the image of Jesus Christ, who’s Love is perfection. Help me to allow You to do the work you need to do but with a listening ear and willing openness.

“You do know the road.  Again Lord, help my Mind to allow you to teach me what I need to know to walk that path. Renew my Mind and sprinkle my Conscience with the pure water of Your Word. Your Word is Truth so help my Mind to rest and not have to be ‘the Captain of my world’. You are the True Source of life, not the things that my Spirit and Heart would seek to fill that God-shaped hole in my life.”

Prayer #2.

“There is so much to understanding in this study of my inner world. I sometimes don’t know where to start….but You who made the universe and the world around me, know all things. Help me know where to begin and what part to reinforce and growth. Help the weak parts of my personality, my Boardroom, to take their place and be the force in my life You require.

“I understand so much more about how I function since learning about this Boardroom I have within me. I especially ask You Holy Spirit to help my spirit grow, be revived and to step into its ordained place. I call my spirit into life and health.

“I give you the God-ordained dominion o help rule this Boardroom I see around me. Precious spirit, work with the precious Holy Spirit to bring that stableness I need. Enjoy is world, spirit and soak in the awe inspiring beauty of Father God’s creation.”

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author

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