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Welcome to our Blog Home Page on Total Wholeness!

Welcome to our Blog!  We are Daniel and Susanne Fengler ……and hopefully this is a blog that will change your life forever!

Hello Blog Reader:  Is your world seemingly out of control…or slowly sinking into a mental and emotional swamp, then this blog is for you!

 We have learned that Total Wholeness involves more than just a package of pills for the emotions, or visiting the Gym and a good diet to keep the body healthy.  Often this causes an overbalance in some areas of our personality while other areas are left starving and without the attention they need to be healthy.

As Counsellors for over 20 years, we have seen people whose lives are mental and emotional wreaks and yet they struggle on with the same old ideas and attitudes that brought them misery to start with…….There must be a better way!

Ever thought much about what it would be like to really live in ‘Total Wholeness’?  …..that means wholeness in body, mind, emotions, will ….. In fact your whole personality working together to be the best you can be!

We know from experience for most people this is a far-fetched idea, an impossible dream.   However this hope drives people to Medical School and to send years on Psychology degrees.  Billions of dollars are spend every month on mental, physical and emotions health.

The vast majority of people send their lives in silent despair, screaming pain and isolation from who they really could be …..if total wholeness was their aim.  Sometimes thought, this just seems all too hard, and so our ‘will’ returns to the patterns of self-sabotage or compliance as we have done in the past.

Creator God made us a very complex beings; mind, body, spirit, emotions and conscience all need to work together to find that wholeness.  For most of us, this means first understanding what ‘parts’ of our personality are out of balance.  Then the journey is to find how to restore that balance.


So what is going to make this blog different than your medical doctor’s or Naturopath’s opinions on health and wholeness?  We have found part of the answer – seeing that our personality has 7 main ‘parts’.  It is only when we find a balance with these 7 parts that we can even begin to find wholeness! 

Personally we have used the principles we want to share with you and it has greatly changed our lives.  So… we know it can for you too.  Over 25 years now we have helped so many, many others in the same boat.  You can begin that journey toward total wholeness – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! 

We have dedicated this blog to find the answers so this can be a possibility.


    Here’s one quick story from Melissa: “My life was a mess of confusion, where my mind battled with my emotions until I was certain I was destined for the home for the mentally incompetent.  I began my journey with Susanne by looking at what was going on within my personality.  I soon find that war between my mind and emotions included a great big bully, called the ‘conscience’.

No wonder I felt like I was going in circles as the war raged on and on.  My body was picking up all these disaster signals, pushing my physical stress levels through the roof.  It was only as I began to see the 7 parts of my personality as they were interacting that I began to understand my inner struggles.

By bringing my Creator into the picture, I began to see how we were all created to live in harmony and order.  My ‘Boardroom’ has never been the same as now, we all are working toward that total wholeness Susanne is telling you about.”


So what is this ‘Boardroom’, Melissa talked about?

We all have 7 parts of our personality that interact together.  It is much like the meeting of an Executive Board, trying to get unity and make decisions.  However, what would this boardroom be like if every member wanted a say?   ……or some members were beaten into compliance by one or more bullies?  …or worst yet, others were asleep or hiding out of fear of ridicule?

Nothing but confusion would result…but that’s much like some people’s lives when their ‘Boardroom’ is in chaos and can’t find agreement on major life issues.  That’s part of the journey… discover what is happening in your Boardroom!

Once we learn that, we can find order and understanding for each member …. ……and then?  Well, that’s another part of your journey to find the truth, strength and resources to bring that wholeness that you so desire.


So who sits at your Boardroom table? 

1.  The Mind – the logical rational elements of my thinking. 

             2. The Will – The part of our personality that carries out the decisions made by the whole personality.

    3.  Our Human Spirit – The real ‘you’ is a spirit being, that lives in a body and has a soul (mind, emotions, conscience).

     4.  The Conscience – the sense of right and wrong.

5.  The Heart – We use the Old Testament concept of the heart, where everything flows out of the ‘well spring of your life’, that unconscious, subconscious part.

     6.  The Emotions – Hearing the messages from our heart.

        7.  The Physical Body – with its needs, wants and desires.  Some of these needs are God-given but other messages from the body are cravings, self-image or overload stress issues.


We will be presenting interesting series of Posts on each of these members, how tospot their issues and then how to bring the wholeness each part was created for.  Bringing the 8th Member of the Boardroom, our Creator into the pictures will help us see His plan too.

This might seem foreign to you but stick with us.  It’s worth the journey to find that peace and harmony within your Boardroom system.  Soon it will become second nature to stop and check out where the disharmony happens. 

We will also be inviting Guests to write about their journey, as well as finding great resources, personal worksheets, helpful articles, other blogs and websites, book, media resources.

So please come back and join us as we journey into Total Wholeness by introducing ’The Boardroom’ concepts to help change your life forever!

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author


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