Worksheet – What is the Condition of your Will?

In our previous posts, we have outlined what ‘The Will’ does for the whole Boardroom, how it is shaped and what stops it from working.  It can help to see the Condition of your own will.

Answer the following statements on a 1 to 5 scale:

1 = This is not an issue for me, I have completed the task to the best of my ability.

5 = This is an area I need to do work on, I haven’t started to think about this yet.


What is the Condition of YOUR Will?

# Question to Consider:

1 to 5

1.  I was treated with loving respect by my parents.  
2.  I can take the time to do the necessary but tedious tasks.  
3.  I have worked on any self-destructive behaviour in my life.  
4.  I can usually get myself out of the ‘stuck’ position.  
5.  There are times when I have surrendered things to God.  
6.  I understand what keeps me from doing the tasks I need to do.  
7. I have learned to limit my unreal expectations.  
8.  I understand the concepts behind the meaning of surrender.  
9.  I can spot the side-tracks in my life and deal with them.  
10.  I can see the points of inertia in my life.  
11.  I received good correction and discipline when needed.  
12.  I am aware of the things I have surrender to that need to be readjusted to other ways of thinking.  
13.  I have learned to use change to strengthen my character.  
14.  Most of the time I make decisions and make correct choices.  
15.   I can find the resources to do what tasks needed.  
16.  I am working on my struggle to accept change.  
17.  I have little confusion in my life.  
18.  I can spot my rigid thinking and try to see better ways to act.  
19.  I am aware of my feelings and biases towards others.  
20.  I have worked on trusting God more.  
21.  I have learned good ways to handle my  frustrations when my goals and projects seemed blocked.  
22.  I am aware and can catch my self-defeating self-talk.  
23.  I can seek out sources of information to resolve my obstacles.  
24.  I am aware of my limitations and can see my strengths.  
25.  Even if I feel overwhelmed with a task, I can manage to find hope and answers to continue to my goal.  
26.  I know what issues I have on my list to work through.  

    I have resolved my relationship with my dad’s authority.



Your Score is ____________  The lower the score, the healthier your will is!  Comments:

What would you say is the general state of your will?  Can you do what you want to without confusion, side-tracking and blocks to your progress?

Do any of these apply to you?  How? Then what could you do differently to get over these blocks?

 I hope this has been helpful as you understand what part your will is playing in the  Boardroom of your personality.

Susanne Fengler, Blog Author





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